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The Kickstarter/Crowdfunding thread

posted by Darth Marsden on - last edited by Jennifer - Viewed by 34.8K users
Since there's probably going to be a fair few Kickstarter projects that aren't done by Tim Schafer, I thought it might be nice to start a separate thread for all the little games on Kickstarter that don't get as much exposure.

For example: Feeble's Fable: The Legend of Runes by Atomic Chimp Games. Another point-and-click adventure game, but this one is going for more of a cute and charming feel. It definitely looks interesting, though they've nowhere near the backing they need. :(

And another: Americana Dawn by one guy, Max K. Lambert. It's a freeware retro-styled RPG about the French & Indian War and the American War for Independence. Kickstarter page is a little bare (he doesn't actually say what he needs the money for, for one), but it looks like an awesome game.

So let's see what other Kickstarter projects you think is worth shining a little light on!
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    Jennifer Moderator
    Aw man, I'm in debt from the previous kickstarters. :( I'll back this one at the minimum, but this one I'd really love to back at the $100 level. I really love the first two Broken Sword games. :)
  • Vainamoinen;653741 said:
    The first environments look great... the characters look ugly and soulless. I hope that's not the final design. The worst thing at the time, however, is that the tiers don't even speak of a DRM-free version for the backers. THAT at least should be remedied very quickly.
    From the actual page itself (not the list of tiers):
    Download of Broken Sword - the Serpent's Curse - DRM FREE - PC (Windows and Linux) & Mac
    Not sure if you already saw that or not, but there you go.

    And godDAMN this is annoying! I'm seriously trying to cut back on my spending and they have to go and pull this? Assholes. They knew. They knew I wanted this. They KNEW I'd back it. Gits. It's just a matter of how much I pledge, and that Gold Member tier is looking so tempting... Gah!
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    I already saw it, was answered in the FAQ even. But I only posted it my German forum. ;)
  • $81,858!

    It's moving so fast.

    I understand now, that would cost a lot. You have to pay writers, graphic artists, voice actors , directors. There is alot of people involved in this project , and some of them will be dependent on the salary they earn from this project.

    What an inspiring project, 20,000 dollars or so since I've last posted.

    I think the prizes are kind of silly, nothing worth 10,000 dollars. But I guess the real award for people who are that enthusiastic, is to see the game finished and to play it.

    I'm really excited but not too crazy about the bizarre in game models. Broken Sword always had realistic animation, this is a little too cartoon for me.
  • Vainamoinen;653873 said:
    I already saw it, was answered in the FAQ even. But I only posted it my German forum. ;)
    Cool. I know how much you like your DRM-free stuff. :)
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Like the PayPal option as well! With a bit of luck, we'll see that option in less than a week. ;)

    And I'd be in regardless of my critique of how the characters look. :rolleyes:

    /edit: They'll beat Project Giana within the hour, which I find a bit unfair. Go Project Giana!
  • Oh, definitely not liking the character models. Very much hope they're not final, they just look wrong.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    They're six months in development and want to deliver in April. That points to prrrrettty final with the character models. :(

    I liked Nico on the cover though. :p
  • Unbelievable, I think they are going to go over their pledge if this continues on!
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    corruptbiggins;653732 said:
    New project to back - a new 2D Broken Sword game
    ZOMG TAKE ALL MY MONEY !!!!!!!1!!eleven!!2

    I am definitely backing this... just need to figure out at what level.
    hangingwithmonkeys;654010 said:
    Unbelievable, I think they are going to go over their pledge if this continues on!
    I wouldn't be at all surprised if they do, about 16 hrs in I think and already at $127,000, that's over 30% of the target!
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