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Glen Walkie talkie

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I just did 2 playtroughs now of Episode 1 and must say it was awesome checking out different possibilities. I thing i found odd tho on my first playtrough that i never heard Glen calling for help via the walkie - talkie. I was stuck a long time at the drugstore cuz i immediatly went out with Doug checking the outside surroundings and ofcourse i coudn't open the gate (as you have to help glen first.) So i was kinda stuck here. I went back in and just talked to Carey and she just said that she wanted to go to the motel. But Glen never called for help. In my second playtrough Glen immediatly called in with the walkie talkie and asked for help. I wasn't hopelessy stuck and had clear directions where to go first. I am thinking it was a bug that i did not hear Glen the first time or is it just certain dialogue decisions that alter this?

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