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Favorite Moments

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For those of you who are here because you like the game, tell me your favorite moments/lines in the episodes to date. For example, one of my favorite lines is if you told the brothers that Lee is from Macon, upon meeting Brenda she replies "They grow 'em good there!"

What are yours?
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  • Cyreen;654410 said:
    Really (again)? I was teasing. You want a pissing contest, pick someone who can write their name in the snow, I'm really not interested.

    More of a "WTH?" moment, but Doug calling out to Lee when he was getting the keys, first to see if he'd gotten them yet and next his little panic attack that seemed to be what actually detracted the zombies attention from the televisions ("shut up!"). It may very well have contributed to my choosing Carley the first time through.
    Teasing? I can't remember what you posted :p soppy c*nt
  • ommmnomnomnom;654469 said:
    Teasing? I can't remember what you posted :p soppy c*nt

    bit harsh dude
  • Thugnasty28;654418 said:
    i dont remember that scene!
    Just talk to Duck while you are giving out the food.
  • ommmnomnomnom;654469 said:
    Because the asterisk makes that comment acceptable? You're not even worthy zombie food.
  • The funniest part to me was after Lee discovered the guy upstairs with no legs and he is rushing to keep Clementine from eating it you can hear Larry saying "Where in the hell did you guys get "Bar B Que" meat from!!! lol #classic
  • I loved Lee's glitched Creepy Stare face. xD

  • My favorite parts were:
    1: "F*ck you Larry. Eat up."
    3: "Hey Lee, you know how to pick a lock, right?"
    4: "Knocked me flat.."
    5: "Shut up Doug!" (Doug is still a cool guy, that was funny though)
  • My favourite parts from were
    1. When I High fived Duck and in the top left hand corner it said "Duck thinks you are incredibly awesome XD I thought that was pretty cool.
    2. Salt Lick + Clementine. 'Nuff said.
    3. Glenn's reaction to when Irene said she had a boyfriend XD
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    ArthurV Telltale Staff
    My favorite line in the game triggers when you first ask Clementine about the broken flashlight.
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