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Do you think Lee is guilty?

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Lee is a convicted murderer, but do you think he is actually a murderer or do you think he was wrongfully convicted?

he could have been covering for his wife, or set up, or he could have lost it and gone mad and killed the senator for banging his wife, or he could have planned the murder.
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  • Wounds Make Me Squirm;651040 said:
    His guilt is pretty much a given ...but it would be nice to think the simplistic expectations of the average gamer will be subverted to further plot/character, rather than going down the Hollywood 'monochrome morality' route.
    Given the assumption that the legal system operates the same in TWG reality, guilt is proven and not assumed and they had enough evidence for a life sentence conviction. Obviously Lee's prior knowledge of the affair is a sticking point for him to have mentioned it to Carley in the tone he did, therefore it wasn't a surprise or an act of passion.

    In Lee's nightmare, you hear a woman laughingly say "I love you, baby" before the sound of glass breaking. If Lee was the one breaking glass to get in, he wouldn't have heard her say that so clearly.
  • I could be daft but it didn't seem particularly like it was up for question. I think Lee did it but it was a moment of anger and regrets it. Seeking some sort of redemption now by doing his best for Clem.
  • CapnJay;639868 said:
    I think thats the night when the lights went out in Georgia
    HAHA, more than one pun goes with that joke!:p:p
  • I think he did it but I strongly believe it was an accident
  • My decisions with Lee are leading him to being not guilty. Unfortunately the only thing we have is bits and pieces which only leads to speculation and assumptions. I wasn't a witness to the event nor was I in the court room during the trial.

    In every single society the innocent can go to jail and the guilty can get set free.
  • i said yes but i think there'l be a twist to it
  • Do you think it was right for Lee's wife to cheat on him ?
  • j.em26;654595 said:
    Do you think it was right for Lee's wife to cheat on him ?
    How is that relevant? There's a slight difference between infidelity and murder, particularly without prior knowledge of the relationship.
  • I definitely think that it was a crime of passion. Do I think he's a bad man? No way. Do I think he's guilty? Yes, I do. But I hadn't considered the possibility before that he might not have done it, or that his wife did and he covered for her. It's a great thing to wonder about, and I'm glad you brought it up. Maybe TellTale will incorporate a twist like that. How terrible would it be for him if, after her death and the zombie apocalypse, he (somehow, magically) finds out that his wife set it up knowing that he would go crazy and kill him, so she'd be rid of both of them and free to live a nice, conniving life. lol
    Having said that, I don't think that'd fair well in a zombie genre game. ...Although, could it be that he runs across her? End up moving near where she last was, maybe not even realizing it, and he finds her, alive? That might be an even more interesting twist - to see her reaction and hear her side of it. Though, I guess she would have to be killed. (Not necessarily by Lee, just in general. If they kept her around, it would probably end up being some weird drama versus this unique zombie drama.)
    I'd love to see her reaction when she realizes that Clem is more important to him than her. I wonder if she would try to endanger Clem just to mess with Lee?

    Some additional comments:
    ommmnomnomnom;646551 said:
    Need some one who can crack a few heads together if need be and You're...urban, right? Kenny knows? Or is his neck that red? Im glad ttg didn't tiptoe around the fact Lee is African American, its makes it more immersive because there are pricks out there ready to judge people based on skin...or previous convictions...double whoa brah!
    It really does add to the game for me. The same way that, if played from a woman's point of view, there would probably be near-rape scenes and a lot of sexism. But I do think that Kenny honestly is just a red neck. But in the games my husband and I play, we both have mentioned to Kenny and his family that Lee is from around there and whatnot. So it could be that he picked up an old paper out of boredom and found out.
    RobtMyers;650251 said:
    It's going to come back to bite him in the ass at some point, and I suppose there's two ways to approach it:
    Paragon: Be as decent as possible and hope it pays off.
    Renegade: Permit the deaths of everyone who knows. As far as I can recall that would be Carlie and Clementine as of episode 2, right?
    I think it most certainly will come back to bite him in the ass, but you're forgetting depending on how you've played the game, Kenny and his family may know, also. Does Doug know? In my game I've kept him around, but when you go to make the choice he says something along the lines of no matter what happens, he thinks Lee's a pretty cool guy (or something like that). Does that mean that he knows, also?
    Killing everyone who knows would probably result in everyone (eventually).
    WingSP117;639891 said:
    whose to say he didn't shoot and kill a zombie senator who had a heart attack while being with his cheating wife?
    hehe, wouldn't it be ironic if lee shot a zombie in the head and the same bullet killed his wife before the known outbreak?
    That would be an awesome reveal. The elderly, sick, and young would be the first to get sick. And who would guess that it was with the zombie virus? They would assume it was just a bad cold until it was too late. However, trials take a long time. Doesn't Lee mention being away for some amount of time? I can't quite recall, but I know he talks like it's been a long time. It seems like if he were a zombie, the zombie apocalypse would have taken place while Lee was still on trial (just by the rate it spreads).
    But, if they could work it right, that would be a very cool and interesting take.
    Also if you tell Clem that he was a zombie when you're telling her that you killed someone, later you have the option to tell Carlie that you lied about what happened. So who knows?
    CapnJay;639988 said:
    Lee probably killed the Senator to protect his wife after she tried to break it off and he showed up drunk.
    That is a great idea. I hadn't really considered anything more than a crime of passion before discovering this thread. I definitely like your idea best. It would be nice to see Lee's flashback, where his wife, sobbing of course, confesses the affair, breaks it off over the phone, begs Lee to keep her around, then is nearly killed by her drunken ex-lover who shows up unannounced. Lee saves her, then loses her when he's convicted. Or maybe he even tells her to get the hell out and as she's leaving, the senator shows up and Lee protects her because, brokenhearted or not, he still loves her. It definitely has me thinking now lol.
  • If he did do it, it seems that he repents what he has done, otherwise, if he was a cold-blooded killer, he wouldn’t have started caring for Clementine.
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