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Post here and ill tell you what Video Game Character you are like

posted by Strong Bad Fan on - last edited - Viewed by 5.9K users
Long enough title? Anyway I have a great connection with the Video Game World. Post here and I will tell you which one you are most like. Posting a lil sumthin sumthin about you could help to. Anyway. shall we begin?
It is not my fault if you get the wrong character. This is hard work!


Something about your personality would be nice.
Someone get Jake in here. I got his before I even made the Topic.
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  • seibert999;342535 said:
    I'm a man, pretty young and a really good singer
    too easy:

  • College student, female, albino, plays kendo and kyuudo (swordfighting and archery), almost blind.

    Have fun with that one.
  • Male
    No Teen anymore
    I am married
    I have kids
    I have a house
    Looking good
    have a good job
    would do everything for my family.
    can be moody sometimes
    Have fun finding this one. :-)
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    der_ketzer;431150 said:
    too easy:

    shit, i meant, i am a singer, young, male, hate family, and hate when people call me the wrong name, I AM NOT A LADY
  • I dunno Seibert. I've played TF2 with you before, and I'd say that's pretty accurate.
  • First off u dont know anything about video games a australian video game character is TY now lets see if u can get this im a acaholic I am cool and atractive I am part of freelance police i am a time traveler I use boomerangs I can hold my breath for 10 minutes WHO AM I?
  • I'm a teen female, 15, from Croatia. I'm a spriter, animator (in Flash), programmer, I do sport-shooting ( I like guns xD), I'm good at singing and writing. I'm good at sarcasm, too xD People who know me say I have a great sense of humor, but that I'm too shy. People who don't know me think that I'm antisocial (don't see how much sense that makes) and they don't know what they're missing :D My best friend says I am the coolest person she's ever met, and my enemies say I'm the biggest nerd they've ever met. People also think I have a superiority complex (wait, what?).

    This will be hard, he he. :D
  • well, let's see.. I'm 19 male have blonde hair,blue eyes,& a high matabolizm :p
    hobbies- drawing and writing stories ,while embracing nature for inspiration ( I don't like being inside all the time)
    attributes - carefree, love solving puzzles(in games,movies,riddles,ect.) have a dog named brutus ,a passion for art and I'm serious when needed,know how to listen. I like messing around & messing with ppl( WHO CAN TAKE JOKES) I hope that's everything cause my PS3 froze & I had to find this thread & type all over again!!!
    WHO AM I?!!!!!!!!!:D
  • I’m in my mid-30s of 40s.
    I’m not very good at reading.
    I will do anything for my family.
    I was raised to oppose the government, yet I help them in the end.
    I’m a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride, and i’m wanted dead or alive.
    My son is just like me.
  • My favorite pasttime is to take arrows in the knee.

    Before that, I was an adventurer.
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