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How Did You Get Here?

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Hi everybahdee! I want to know how you all came to Telltale and what game brought you to the company. Did you come here long ago or just learn of Telltale through The Walking Dead? Did you play Bone and now dislike the new direction? Have you played Sam and Max but prefer the streamlined new interactive experience?
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  • oh, I forgot to mention the forums. My brother & I wanted to know when TWD episode 3 was comming out . I had purchased the game ironically around the time episode 2 came out for the PS3... when he got it on XBOX, we both wondered why it wasn't out yet so I surfed the web going from playing dead too ign & finally stumbled upon these forums & made my self comfortable :D
    EVERY DAY IT's "Heard annything?"
  • I came here via the Chaps Brothers' ads for SBCG4AP, but bought that and Sam and Max for the Wii. It wasn't until Tales that I joined the forums, and I stayed ever since.
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    shammack Telltale Staff
    I played Bone when it came out because I had read the comics and was interested in seeing how the episodic thing would work, but then I sort of forgot about Telltale until I got Sam and Max Season 1 for Wii. Then I went to the Poker Night panel at PAX East 2011 and thought it sounded like a cool place to work, so I went home, applied for a job there, and registered for the forum because I thought I might post something in the "we are so hiring" thread (but I never did).
  • I showed up probably the first day that Tales was announced, or not long after. One of the happiest moments of my nerdy life was that announcement, and it did not disappoint.
  • I was excited when I saw that Steve Purcell had licensed out Sam & Max to someone else after the LucasArts agreement expired. I posted all about it at the time in some other forum. I just went and looked up the date, and that was in September 2005! So that wound up being my first Telltale game, and the source of my username on these forums, though I didn't actually get around to creating a forum account 'til May 2008, as you can see to the left there.

    I've bought several of the older games, none of the bigger new ones yet (just Puzzle Agent and Hector). I might someday, but for now, I'm just hanging around 'til I find out what King's Quest is going to look like. Or they announce Sam & Max Season 4.
  • Okay, I first heard of them with Bone, I first played S&M1, I came to the site around S&M3, and finally, I made this account and my first post was during BttF I think.
  • Started right in the middle of Sam and Max 1, but I only got involved in the community about 2 years ago.
  • I don't remember. Hang on, lemme check my join date...

    EDIT: Huh. Probably around the time of Tales then. God I feel old. I seem to recall posting in Forum Games for a while before getting bored and sticking to this bit, but beyond that, the early days here are a blur.
  • Darth Marsden;656038 said:
    the early days here are a blur.
    It's the root beer. It's killing your braincells.:D
  • I played Bone back in the day, but didn't really get into the company until Sam and Max. I've bought every game since with pretty few exceptions. Strong Bad is the only game I think they shouldn't have made.
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