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Anyone else glad that Larry... *SPOILERS!!!!!*

posted by Walnutters on - last edited - Viewed by 815 users
Dies? Seriously, what an ass. I go through the trouble of finding his pills so he doesn't die, then he punches me in the face to try and kill me. Then afterwards he goes all trollface.jpg and is all "you like my daughter? :)" and I'm all "Yeah" and he's all "WELL STAY AWAY FROM HER SNAP SNAP RAWR*breathes fire* then when we're locked in the meatlocker i make a comment about his girlfriend and then he goes all "what the hell is your problem, you must really hate me :("

Yup, I'm glad I don't have to deal with him anymore... Though I DID try to revive him, oh well, here's a comic I made.
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