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Any similar games to TWD

posted by Mojotokin on - last edited - Viewed by 1.4K users
I just finished playing episodes 1 and 2 multiple times. I really liked them both and was curious if anyone has any recommendations for similar games?

Particularly games where your choices effect the outcome. Not really into shooter games. The small amount this game had was great for me.

I also enjoyed the social aspect of this series and the character development. I don't play alot of monster/anime, this game was kind of an exception due to loving the comic book/TV series.

I apologize if a similar thread was already created.

So anyway, any suggestions or ideas?

Much Thanks!
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  • mooneysuzuki;637692 said:
    Ill find you! haha
    Joking aside, Indigo Prophecy was great, though really limited and the story fell apart just before act three. Heavy Rain was better, but I think I have problems with the characters David Cage makes.

    Telltale is doing far better work with the concepts, plus the women they write don't blindly run into danger then make you hit complex button combinations to keep them from getting themselves killed.
  • Indigo Prophecy is a good recommendation because it is a good story with quick-time events like TWD. Dragon Age: Origins has a good focus on character interaction between party members. Vampire Bloodlines is a very good game with only a small focus on FPS combat. Alan Wake is not a bad game, but there aren't any decisions to make and it is combat heavy, so you may be disappointed.
  • I just wanted to thank everyone again for all the recommendations! Seriously great forum! Thank you!
  • Indigo Prophecy was awesome! Heavy Rain is also a no brainer!
  • An oldie but a goodie: Try "The Last Express" if you can still find it anywhere. That HAS to be one of Telltale's influences for TWD. I replayed it a couple of years back, and it still holds up pretty well.
  • As others have, I'd recommend Heavy Rain. Your choices and actions throughout the game affect whether or not some characters complete the over arching goals, or even if some characters survive. (Yes, there are four main characters, and they can die during the middle of the story if you aren't careful)

    Plus with the fact that there are a vast amount of different endings/combinations (I think I read 21 somewhere? Never got all of them), plus I heard this was the first game to do this sort of 'choices choose your ending' type of thing.
  • Jurassic Park Game
  • I'm gonna be a bit offensive here. Either I got the link wrong, that's the worst list I've seen or the post was spam since the user has only posted once (if not so then I apologize) but that link did nothing for in terms of similar games..
  • If u like the 'interactive actions' play style of 'TWD', compared to the usual dual stick controls? (...& u have a PS3), I fully
    Recommend 'Heavy Rain'.

    ...It's been at the top of my 'Please Release A Sequel' list, for a few years now!....Still hoping 😒
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