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Clementine's first kill

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do you think that clemintine's first kill will be either a walker aka zombie or a human
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  • She is holding a gun. It's not clear she shoots anything.
  • Xirsche;656581 said:
    You mean "The Quick and the Dead"? I love that movie.
    yeah that sounds right

    no i really do mean gene hackman...

  • I think it might happen if you don't get there in time. Like if you chose to go do something or didn't save someone then a walker/now-dead survivor tries to attack Clemie-Clem, who makes a grab for your glock...
    Whatever it is, I know it's gonna be intense!! Shame I have to wait a year, since I'm in the EU...thanks TellTale or whoever! -__-
  • I really hope its a walker. Killing a living human is a lot of potential guilt for a kid that young.

    And I really hope its not Kenny. I suspect Lee will have to take him down to stop him throwing the rest of the group to the walkers to save his own brood.
  • the gun isnt carleys, if you notice everyone now has a gun, where they acquire this firepower is still a mystery
  • Milosuperspesh;656527 said:
    ok so why would clem pick up a gun ?

    she is in the pharmacy with kenny and lee and one of them is jumped by a walker and clem see's carley's gun on the ground as far as we know she dropped it in ep1 right ?

    clem panics and shoots possibly doesn't quite aim right and hits lee or kenny...
    It's probably not in the Pharmacy. It looks more like the train, like the scene in the trailer where Lee is defending Clemie-Clem from what I speculate are dead train mechanics (:confused:)
    So if you go with that scenario then it makes sense why she would pick up a gun to save Lee/herself.
  • i was speculating about where clem is lol
  • I don't think that she's shooting a walker. Most likely she's shooting at something but doesn't hit it and on the off-chance that she does shoot something I'd say it will be a human. My reasoning for this is because it makes for an easy cop-out to copy Carl's situation from TWD comics. Telltale can still pretend they are putting out heavy original content and everyone will love it. Hoorah!

    Not that I wouldn't love it. Just saying. I've really enjoyed the episodes so far even if I knew what was going to happen in episode 2 before it came out. I wasn't disappointed though. Clem shooting something just feels like a good place to parallel the source material.
  • If there is a traitor it is either Kenny or Lilly, on wants to get out of the motel the other is pissed off about her father. My guess is that it will be the traitor and I have a strong feeling it will be Lilly...
    Just a thought--what if this is all down to the choices you made in Episode 2?

    Clemie-Clem just saw you kill Danny or/and Andy and depending on your answer when she asks you why you assure her it was OK to murder them. So when faced with the choice in Episode 3, she decides it's OK to kill a person: Thus the gun. BOOM! Right back at you, Lee!

    Or if you didn't kill them, like me, then she might not be in that scenario, or decide not to shoot.
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