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I can't go on playing this if...

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Finished part 2 and it didn't save it!!

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  • Join the long list of other folks having similar issues. Either way, try contacting them directly as I guarantee the above post wont get a response.
  • welcome to TTG friend, sadly
  • found this on some other site, might work for you:

    -Possible Fix-

    The game stores a "prefs.prop" in two places. One in:

    C:\Users\___\Documents\Telltale Games\The Walking Dead

    And the other in:

    D:\STEAM\steamapps\common\the walking dead\Pack\default

    Or if you don't have the Steam version, its somewhere in your game DIR.
    Do backups before overwriting anything.

    Copy the prefs.prop file from your game's DIR folders, and overwrite it in your Documents\TTG\TWD folder

    Go in game and load the save game with your finished EP1. Switch to EP2 in the chapter select and run it.
  • Awesome how we have to find fixes because the developers wont fix their game
  • Hi there,

    really? Is this kind of a general issue? Man, that would push me a little farther away from purchasing the game ...
  • Yes, I lost my saves too after completing episode 2.

    Tonight I just finished a replay of episode 1, and then upon starting episode 2, the recap plays back choices that I did NOT make. So, my save is essentially hosed.

    So that's a wasted hour of walking back and forth slowly, a good hour and a half of unskippable dialogue .. wasted.

    They need to get on these technical problems.

    Oh well, maybe I'll do a fourth playthrough, and this time just tell Kenny where he can stick it. I do dislike him, but since Lilly's a canon character I figured she'd leave any second now so I thought I might try being his bi--- ahem, friend, this time. But screw it, maybe it will help me get some of this frustration out.

    I have to say though, the game really is quite brilliant as a whole. The story and direction beats the pants off of the droll soap opera that is the Walking Dead TV show. You'd probably be well served waiting until they can patch up the very confusing and treacherous save system, though.
  • I didn't read this thread because of the title, but I'm having this problem too? All 3 of my saves (around 20 hours of playtime) are all gone for no reason.
  • You'd better play episode 1 and 2 again,because the progress of the game can be effected by your choices.
  • I'm not playing this again. I've already played through episodes 1 and 2 multiple times because it kept corrupting or losing my saves. Enough is enough! I want this bug fixed.
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