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Gonna Be A Loooong Episode[?]

posted by SouthWardRB on - last edited - Viewed by 1.3K users
There seems to be so many things in this Episode, that it seems like 2 episodes full of events, (considering the length of last episodes)

Excited. :)
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  • Yup that's one of the things that stood out more for me. We're gonna be more mobile. A car ride, a train ride, some walking in open streets, including a Pharmacy revisit. Of how much will be explorable outside of cutscenes will be anyones guess. We may not even see a "hub" where objectives branch out from like the Pharmacy or Dairy Farm (but if I'd have to guess the train will make numerous stops).

    Oh and Clementine with a gun. Perhaps it's just limited models but it looks unmistakenly like Carleys glock. How does Clem get it? Will it be regardless of a living/undead Carley? Will we see Carley/Doug make it to the next episode or will they die/play a minor role again so that the devs arn't spending development time on two characters for the price of one?

    Time will tell.
  • Cyreen;656762 said:
    Seriously? Everybody on PC is complaining they have to wait a day longer than the PSN people and you want them to wait until Friday now?
    Well, if it isn't too much trouble.
  • i'm not complaining cos i expected to wait till friday for pc steam version in the uk..

    i just hope the ps3 #cough users cough# can limit the spoilers once i see it's out i'll try to stay off the forums till hmm lets see, thursday ;)
  • Walking Dead is so much fun, i dont care if they can add as many hours as they want lol, but in reality they all are the same length
  • Master of Aeons;656920 said:
    Well, if it isn't too much trouble.
    If you're looking for sympathy, just keep walking zombie boy!
  • Bwaaargh urgh... Damn this improv class!
  • Cyreen;657254 said:
    Grrr argh!
    Anytime you need a kidney, just ask.
  • should point out that this video should come with an 18 or over label attached (not pron)

    at 5:15 :D lol
  • Well I always talk to everyone, fully explore the surroundings and click on every clickable thing, so will probably take me longer than 2 hours.
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