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Save slots bug?

posted by Walnutters on - last edited - Viewed by 423 users
Are there any whereabouts about a possible bug that causes choices from other saves to overwrite one another? For example, I beat episode 2, I made all the proper choices for Clementine, being her "dad", saying duty instead of shit and whatnot... Well I decided to create a new file being a terrible role model for Clementine, saying shit instead of duty, telling her to travel at night, saying we might not make it, causing her to cry... Well anyway, I got bored of that file and deleted it, my girlfriend wanted to see the end of episode two, so I copied my main file and pasted it over the new deleted slot. When I was playing the part where Clementine and Duck were in the barn, Clementine said it smelled like shit, when in my original file I said duty... So I'm wondering if my crappy Lee file somehow merged with my main file, which means I've now made terrible choices which I did not mean to make... Anyone else have an issue similar to this?
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