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Episode 3 bugs

posted by WadeTheButcher on - last edited - Viewed by 1.9K users
I hit a major bug that won't allow me to continue. On the train when walking from the engine to the box car the screen/camera shifts under the train and far below the world. I keep seeing all those "take your time, release a quality product" posts and laugh... How could have this bug be missed?

May as well post your bugs/glitches in here.
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  • I've seen quite a few posts about bugs on the train and this is discouraging =____=
    Hopefully they patch this soon, though not everyone has this bug :?
  • Same exact thing here and every time I try to move who goes back in the conducter station. Wtf!!!
  • I got past it by going to main menu and reloading the save now all is good time to go back to making the obsolete worst disicions I can.
  • I have the same problem but don't want to restart the whole thing. If its merely a reload form the save, that is not so bad. Too tired, I'll play again another day.

    Before that scene and after you are talking to Chuck, the camera is positioned outside of the train making it hard to play for a bit.
  • lol i just posted the same thing. yea its really sad that this game got through with all the bugs and especially this one.
  • I got the train bug too, but going back to an earlier point fixed it. I also got a weird one where Duck turned invisible for a while, and it looked like Katjaa was holding her arms around empty air. Very strange.
  • I made a thread about a similar issue (seems all the bug issues I've read about from this episode revolve around the train portion, specifically around the time when you go to confront Chuck) and what apparently fixed it for me was also loading an earlier my case, the second-to-last save point.
  • I never have glitches in my games. #win
  • i just restarted because of this bug
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