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Wallace and Gromit's Musical Marvels

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I was going to post this in the W & G forums, but they're not very active, so anyone interested in this would probably have missed it had they not known about it already.

Tomorrow on BBC One, Wallace & Gromit will feature in a new show with classical music, and there will be some new footage, apparently. It looks quite interesting.

Here's the programme information:

And here's more information on the Proms show in question:

The broadcast will be followed by The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, in case anyone hasn't seen that movie yet.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programme. :p
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  • Ben Whitehead (of "Grand Adventures" fame) voiced Wallace, incidentally.
  • I thought for sure that was Peter Sallis!
  • Now i'm sad because i missed it and Curse of the were-rabbit and it was not on BBC iplayer :(

    Er... it's right here...
  • Yeah, it was quite fun, also seeing the old clips accompanied by the music, it was all done very well, I thought. A great way for children young and old to get introduced to classical music.
  • Ribs wrote: »
    Er... it's right here...

    That's weird. I tried Iplayer on my PS3 last night and this morning.
  • Whatever happened to the end bit on the theme music anyway? It used to be in the original trilogy!
  • Well i watched it and it was good and funny. There was a good amount of new W&G footage and the music was good and the comedy was great. My favorite moments were Wallace saying no point crying over spilled milk and then hits his cup of tea by mistake and shorts out the entire place. The ending was great too with Wallace giving Gromit flowers and telling him to be careful with the violin and then Wallace sits down on it by mistake :D
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    Jennifer Moderator
    This is back as a full touring show now (it premiered yesterday in Melbourne). :)

    The full list of touring locations is available here.

    I really enjoyed this when I watched it on the iPlayer. I'd love to watch it live. :D
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