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[SPOILERS]The Walking Dead Episode 3 REVIEW Thread

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Post your impressions of the episode here!

SPOILERS are allowed, no spoiler tags necessary, so if you did not play the episode yet, keep out for your own sake! ;)

No spamming please - if you haven't played it yet, keep out!
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  • I thought Lee was gonna bang Carley at one point during this, too.
  • Okay, that's it for me, Lee and Carley are my favourites char, and i'm shocked about Carley killed by this bitch Lilly. This is absolutely frustrating, Sorry, Telltale, this would be the last episode i bought from you. This stinks. F****** end. Dont' need more episodes. Blah blah 'bout choices etc. Good char killed, Assholes live? Not with me. Totally disappointing. Sorry 'bout the wasted money.
  • well damn. Aside from one or 2 noticeable bugs, telltale is really hitting their emotionally charged powerhouse with some walker wacking to boot? fantastic episode.
  • When Lilly shot Carley I was like: "you mothafawker. I'm going bash your face in just enough so you are still alive. Then I'll fire 3 rounds in the air so some zombies come and eat you." and when she said lee was a killer, I was like "well I'm a hypocrite" but I still didn't give 2 sheits, I left here to join the Ricktatorship. And what's lolworthy is that everyone didn't give a crap.

    I will kill Ben in a heartbeat if I have the opportunity.
    Starting a revolution of 'Kill Ben'
  • That episode was depressing! When Carley got shot I was actually off the rails angry and didn't hesitate in leaving Lilly behind even after siding with her to save Larry. Just when things could get any worse then we had Duck and Katjaa. After growing to hate him, I felt horrible for Kenny as our group started to drop like flies. Then Ben admitted in being the traitor which got Carley killed, I just wanted to throw him off the train. OMG! I'm afraid what TTG might throw at us next.
  • JoeShorts;658051 said:
    "Your small"
    Lee's got no game.
  • so theres no way to save katja?
  • Good lord what an episode. So emotional!
  • Guys is this game actually canon? I am looking on the Walking Dead Wikipedia and it says things like (the links have spoilers to the comics):

    "Her (Lilly's) father, Everett Ray Caul cared deeply for her, and sacrificed himself to protect Lilly."

    "After the apocalypse broke out, Lilly and Everett stood together for a short while. When they were attacked by a smaller herd, Everett saved Lilly by locking her into a bus."

    "Everett saved Lilly by locking her into a bus, causing himself to be devoured."

    "In the Video Game by Telltale, Lilly's dad is named Larry."

    I think all this comes from the Walking Dead book, The Road to Woodbury that is coming out later, but it looks like this is gonna conflict with The Walking Dead Video Game. If this is true that is really kind of annoying. A few references to the video game in the book would have been good, but it looks like they are completely ignoring it. I really liked the idea of this game being canon to the comics and it's kind of disappointing if there not.

    Edit: Really enjoyed this episode, forgot to mention that.
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