Walking dead saves are on my hard drive. Not loading for any ep.

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Downloaded ep 3and tried to play with my save from ep 1 &2. Game won't show that my previous save. Keeps asking me to start new game. Do I really have to start from scratch? Are those future saves going to not work either? Help!!!:mad:


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    Won't even let me choose a storage device when I boot the game.
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    hey right ive spent all day with the same problem:mad: but i think ive fixed it:eek: try this.
    when it says choose random choices press B to go back. when it pops up the screen that shows your woefully empty saves press the guide button and sign out. you are then given a message saying you must be signed in with the profile that purchased the game to play. sign back in. et voilia my saves where back after i chose device option before the start screen :cool:
    it worked for me it might work for you.:)
    xbox only
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