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Walking Dead Ep. 3 - Does not play, goes straight to Ep. 1

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Hi everyone,

This is the first issue I've had with The Walking Dead for Xbox 360, but it's a real pain. I started by downloading episode 3 as I have with the first 2, then disconnecting from xbox live, and began to play. I started by selecting my save file in slot 1 with episode 2 complete. I hit 'play' on episode 3, but it did not load episode 3. Instead it loaded episode 1 and saved over my previous game. Reluctantly I played through both episodes again, hoping it would fix the glitch. After a few hours I am at the episode 3 selection, and once again hit play... And it does the same thing! I spent quite a bit of time and despite only spending 400 points on the episode, I still feel cheated. As a huge Walking Dead fan, this really pisses me off since the series is held at such a high standard for me, I would think bugs and glitches as big as this would be ironed out with the repeated episodes being delayed. Is there a patch/update? What can I do? Can I at least get my damn points back?

Thanks for any information anyone may provide.


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  • xbox fix
    hey right ive spent all day with the same problem but i think ive fixed it try this.
    when it says choose random choices press B to go back. when it pops up the screen that shows your woefully empty saves press the guide button and sign out. you are then given a message saying you must be signed in with the profile that purchased the game to play. sign back in. et voilia my saves where back after i chose device option before the start screen
    it worked for me it might work for you.
    xbox only
  • Hey man, unfortunately it didn't work, thanks anyways. I still have a save file in the first slot but it's missing my episode 2 play through. I know it was saved because I went back and replayed it to get my ideal run through. For whatever reason it defaults to loading episode 1 when episode 3 is clicked, which automatically saves over the current game.. weeeak :mad:
  • I'm having this same issue. Any fix?
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    We have submitted a patch to Microsoft to fix this issue. Hopefully this patch will be approved soon and then distributed automatically when the game is launched while on Xbox Live.
  • Matt,

    Any update on when this fix might clear through MS? It's incredibly frustrating to own such a wonderful game (aside from this issue obviously) and not be able to play it.
  • Nothing has changed. I'm having exactly the same problem. I called Microsoft and they refused to refund the $5.00. Their offer was to check my system for problems, but I do not want to play the first two episodes a third time. That's the last Telltale product I'll ever buy.
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