Game won't work! PLEASE HELP!

I've tried everything at this point. I've tried reinstalling twice, verifying the game cache multiple times... I've tried updating my drivers. I've tried EVERYTHING and the game won't open...

Anyone else?


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    Yup. I tried opening my original game and it was just locked on the opening title screen telling me to go the PSN to download Episode 2 (I'm on a Mac).

    So I went to Telltale to re-download the game and now it won't open at all. I tried installing it twice and both times it told me to to trash it at Launch.

    Wonder if it's a Mountain Lion issue? I know I haven't playing the game since I did that update...
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    I'm on Windows, so I doubt it.
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    And I just figured out it's an issue with Gatekeeper by searching the forums. So I totally wasted your time. Sorry.
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