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Logic with Ben

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Everyone hates Ben but look past that. Ben was doing something good, he stopped the Raider attacks and was in some way contributing to the group. If you look and see, those Raiders just walked straight through the camp and took everyone captive. Why? Because of Lee and Lilly.

Now think if that never happened? No raiders indefinitely. But look at it this way, no one is really to blame. Ben should've told them and Lee and Lilly should have never looked into it.

To me Ben was a good member but you guys are in a uproar because of what YOU did.
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  • Ben not a bad guy

    But they would have been attacked regardless because the medications was running out after the last store run.

    Ben could have been truthful atleast in the van.
  • Wouldn't the bandits want food more than medication? I mean, their main food source used to be the dairy, and now it's gone :confused:
  • Ben's reasoning for doing it in the first place was not to help the group, but rather to help himself get his friend back. His motives weren't in the right place. He even said, once he realized they were lying about his friend he couldn't stop because they'd attack the Motel. Was that a good enough motive to continue giving the bandits the meds? Maybe. But I tend to think it was more out of self preservation rather than saving the entire group.

    I personally think he's just a naive kid. Scared- and naive. He could have told the group about the bandits much earlier, and perhaps the same chain of events would have occurred, or perhaps the Motel group could have collectively formed a plan to take out the bandits. Either way, the Motel was NOT protected. I personally think they should have moved to a more secure location much sooner than they did.
  • Lilly would have killed Ben if he was truthful, I don't blame him. He is just a kid anyway, and he wasn't doing anything with bad intentions. I blame Lilly for Carley's death.
  • Well remember when Lee said the raiders haven't been around for a while when he noticed the arrows and bullet holes. Ben somewhat had set in a moment of peace. If they wanted to they could have wiped them out.

    Honestly they should have moved and Ben should have told the truth. Lily is nuts though so eh.
  • i threatened him !!!! but i was mad i couldn't kill him, to me he is a dead weight !!!
  • If Ben hadn't caused that extended peace for such a long period of time and confessed earlier that there truly was an active threat, it may have been enough of an edge to get Lilly and the others to move. By making the situation not as dire staying at the motel looked better than it was.

    Really, Lilly wasn't particularly crazy. Kenny and Ben's actions drove her over the edge. I felt kind of bad for her, but my Lee also really really liked Carley, so regardless he couldn't forgive; no RV for her. But I acknowledge chains of events as well. If she was willing to have "Dinner to Go" from having dangerous vibes, she'd have been willing to leave the motel from the threat of being overrun.

    Her main motivation for staying at the Motel died when Larry died. Pharmacy was not nearly as integral for her anymore. But pointlessly wandering around into the unknown is fairly dangerous and potentially stupid.
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