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[SPOILERS]Ben's character and deeds

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Either you saved Carley or Doug. These great characters shall be avenged. Yeah, Lilly killed them, BUT Ben was giving the extra stuff to the bandits, wich caused the whole thing.

These were great characters, ones who shouldn't be forgotten. Ben, a stupid little teenager who is more scared of everything then a 12 year old.

Please, by joining this thread, you 100% guarantee that you WILL kill Ben, at the first time you get.
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  • Carley... Q_Q *sob*

    Ben is dead as soon as possible.
  • Ben you cost me Carley and Lily. If you die or not is solely up to how you act around Clem and how she approves of you.
  • he his dead the first chance i get. Carley and Clem were the only people i liked in the group. i wanted to push him off the train so bad.
  • Ben and Lily actually did some of us a favor. Those who were thinking with the other big head might think they could get some action with Lily or Carley while still protecting Clementine were dividing their efforts. Now we can focus one hundred percent on Clem. Also if Ben had let us in on the plan we could have laid a trap for the bandits.
  • I disagree with a lot of you, obviously there is no denying Ben did wrong HOWEVER he did it for the group and he clearly was sincere in helping the group. I dont see how you guys dont see this.

    One, he was stealing in hopes to keep the bandits happy and thus ensure the safety and well-being of the group.

    Two, besides that he was grateful for the group for letting them in, I mean what was he supposed to do to show his loyalty.

    Three, he told Lee it was him! Now this matters especially more if you told him that you were going to jail before... which I did. Point is, he trusts you and that is invaluable apparently in this game.

    All in all, I loved Carly (she was my favorite character) and obviously Ben should be held accountable for his actions but hes not a bad kid and he still can be an asset to the group.
  • Ben's really weak. We've seen that throughout.

    I don't want to get into justifying or condemning his actions, but his weakness is a common denominator in a lot of problems. He's going to cause something else eventually. Maybe it'll be soon, maybe it'll kill him.
  • Ben can die.. he'll be useful to have around as a shield or as walkerbait so we can get away!
  • lol at title...

    yeah, ben is walker bait. i dont see how he can redeem himself. and after all of that, he don't even have any fight in him, "i'm going to punch my own card out if a walker gets me"... no you wont ben... no YOU wont...
  • i question protecting clem in ep4 is she has another 'protector' is lee really going to have much luck ?

    i do hope clem isn't doing an anakin skywalker...
  • If the game gives me the chance to kill ben, I will make the incident on the st john's farm look like Disney land
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