problems with game and episodes 1 and 2

I have few big problems which i dont know how to solve, no matter what i do.

First problem is more like a question than problem. On the episode 1, i save the kenny's kid, then at the store where kenny and larry argue i try to stay at kenny's side. I do dialog lines like "he is just a boy" and "no [stop him (stop larry, i think)]" and other dialog choices where i defend the boy. Kenny thanks me for being his side and later at the near end of episode 1 when larry punches me down and kenny saves me with axe, kenny calls me good friend. But when i see the choices/stats of episode 1 it says that i sided with larry. Is this bug or did i possibly do something to piss kenny? Although he calls me good friend. Should i have asked him to hit larry instead of just taking the "no" dialog?

Second problem is real problem. I played episode 1 through and started episode 2. It was a big surprise when i saw Doug alive. Weird thing because in episode 1 doug died :confused: Is there some reason my choices in episode 1 wont effect episode 2? Episode 1 ended after i talked with everybody, and after talking to lilly (if i remember name right, the larrys daughter) and i saw the credits. Thats the end of episode 1 right?

And third problem. Because of the problem i just explained, i started the new game. Played the whole episode 1 through and still, game says i am on larrys side. But now when i try to start episode 2, i just see my axe icon at the left but whole other screen is black. I made copy of that save file (in the game menu) before starting to play episode 2. Did it mess up the game somehow? Why episode 2 wont work? it says it is installed but wont work. Do i have to play episode 1 through AGAIN FOR THIRD TIME???!!!

I would be very happy if someone could tell why this game is not working or if i am missing something important and doing something wrong.

But if you forget these things, the game is really good and i enjoy playing it. I just hope i could play episode 2 and not to have to play episode 1 all the time through. And sorry for bad english, i am little pissed of while writing this.


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    found this on some other site, might work for you:

    -Possible Fix-

    The game stores a "prefs.prop" in two places. One in:

    C:\Users\___\Documents\Telltale Games\The Walking Dead

    And the other in:

    D:\STEAM\steamapps\common\the walking dead\Pack\default

    Or if you don't have the Steam version, its somewhere in your game DIR.
    Do backups before overwriting anything.

    Copy the prefs.prop file from your game's DIR folders, and overwrite it in your Documents\TTG\TWD folder

    Go in game and load the save game with your finished EP1. Switch to EP2 in the chapter select and run it.

    I had the same problem with as your 3rd and it fixed it, the choices still get mixed up sometimes but going back to the menu and starting again fixed it (I think)
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