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What Matters To You?

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At this point, what matters to you? What doesn't?

After losing everybody except Clem, Kenny and Ben, I'm just in a "fuck the world" mindset.

The only thing I care about at this point is Clem and myself.

Ben is a cowardly, naive idiot that was a catalyst for the trouble in ep 3.

Kenny saved me once, but in my playthrough, he left me to die twice. I feel sorry for his loss--it was sad to see his family go--but fuck him.

Chuck has good advice, but he's an alcoholic and loner type. I can't trust a guy that only looks out for himself.

Omid and Christa, well, I don't know them and I'm not trying to. Either they can't be trusted or they'll die. I don't want to be around for either.
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  • Clem for me too.
  • For me, trying to find out what happend to Clem's parents seems pivotal at this point in the game, if only to give her some closure. Not sure about them being alive (her dad was bitten I believe) as it might be a challenge concerning her relationship with Lee.

    Companion-wise, Kenny's obviously a wreck and will probably have an even more destructive behavior from now on, either towards himself or others. I think he's going to be a threat to the group.

    Not sure yet about Omid and Christa; they might be interesting companions if they turn out to be decent. Omid, at least, seems to be positive about challenges and outcomes, which is refreshing.

    As for Ben, I kinda feel sorry for the guy, so I'm hoping ep.4 will give him a chance to redeem himself in some way shape or form.

    Chuck : gave good, solid (if not blunt) advice concerning Clem and could be the key to the group's survival.
  • Only me and Clementine.

    Kenny would have left me to die in the Pharmacy if I hadn't freed myself from the door on top of me.

    Ben betrayed the group and could have prevented Carley's death.

    Omid and Christa are hiding something and I don't care much for Christa taking any chance to have a go at me.

    I'm not completely sure on Chuck yet. He's a bit of an enigma. At the current moment I would probably save him/help him if the situation arose.
  • I still care for the group including the new comers... obviously Clem comes first but I truly think kenny, ben, omid, chuck, and christa have good intentions relatively... sure they may not be best friends but i think the turn of events will help unite them.
  • Episode 3's on steam now, downloading it. Time to face my fears of watching Carley die
  • Me Personally, do not trust anybody except for Clem. It used to be Carley as well but she got shot and after that everything went downhill. To tell you the truth, in the beginning when Lee was stuck under the door and Kenny didnt help me, I hated his guts because that was the second time he did this to me. So I wanted to side with Lily, until she shot carley, Then kenny lost his wife and Duck, now he's a wreck, cant be trusted and can be a threat to the group. And Ben.....screw him, he is the cause of all of this, he's just a selfish, naive kid. if he would have just been honest to Lily none of this would have happen but nooo, he had to be a scared little girl and let Carley die for it. I honestly dont think I can help him in the next episode if I had the choce to. And the 2 new people, I dont know, everytime we meet someone new they always get someone killed so i dont know. Overall, I dont care what heppens to anyody else as long as Me and Clem survive. oh, and that guy talking to her with the walkie-talkie, better watch his back in the next episode, nobody is going to manipulate Clem on my watch.
  • Based on the message on the phone in One, it seems obvious Clem's dad got bit and they took him to the hospital, where he died and bit her mom. The way Clem's mom was telling Clem to call the police and that she loved her very much (past tense mind you) leads me to believe Clem's dad turned and bite her mom, which seeing what happened to her dad, made her believe she would suffer the same fate, which is why her saying to call the police and her saying goodbye and that she loves her very much more obvious that she knows shes about to die as well.

    Whoever it is that talking with Clem is taking advantage of her, the only question is why?
  • Clem Clem Clem Clem Clem Clem Clem and Clem

    Did I miss anyone?
  • CapnJay;660431 said:
    Clem Clem Clem Clem Clem Clem Clem and Clem

    Did I miss anyone?
    Clem all the way man. Nobody else can be trusted at this point.
  • Clem is all that matters, hands down. I like Chuck and like TrickyD said I would save him if the situation arose. It's not only that I can't trust anyone, it's that I don't want to trust anyone. I don't want to form an attachment to them because I know they're all expendable when it comes to my main goal: protecting Clem.

    I however did care about Carley, I felt she could of taken a surrogate mother role for Clem if she hadn't died and Clem's mom turns out to be dead.

    Still though, I just don't see the point in caring about much of anyone other than Clem.

    Kenny is a broken man, he doesn't have his family to protect anymore. He's probably unstable and unwilling to listen to others.

    Fuck Ben, he killed the group. We've all been honest, almost everyone of us. Hell, I told the kid I was a MURDERER. I trusted him with that information and TWICE I asked if he was the traitor. Twice and he lied. His lie got Carley killed, if he had explained himself I would of let him stay. Could of still been used to make Lily leave too. Like she tries to kill Ben and you pull her away.

    Christa, I can't stand her. Not only does she constantly judge what I do with Clem (she hasn't been with us at ALL, how would she know how to take care of Clem?)

    Omid, I don't know about Omid. He seems really weird, but he saved Lee's life. That counts for something in my book. It's why I chose him at the end over Christa.

    Chuck, I like him. I don't trust him too much, but behind Clem he's probably the one I'd protect/trust the most. He had a chance to attack us for going through his stuff, he didn't. He offered his train to us, he offered everyone candy, (weird, but it had no aftertaste!) He also showed concern for Clem and offered advice on how to help prepare her for the Apocalypse.
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