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What Matters To You?

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At this point, what matters to you? What doesn't?

After losing everybody except Clem, Kenny and Ben, I'm just in a "fuck the world" mindset.

The only thing I care about at this point is Clem and myself.

Ben is a cowardly, naive idiot that was a catalyst for the trouble in ep 3.

Kenny saved me once, but in my playthrough, he left me to die twice. I feel sorry for his loss--it was sad to see his family go--but fuck him.

Chuck has good advice, but he's an alcoholic and loner type. I can't trust a guy that only looks out for himself.

Omid and Christa, well, I don't know them and I'm not trying to. Either they can't be trusted or they'll die. I don't want to be around for either.
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  • Yertos;660435 said:
    Clem all the way man. Nobody else can be trusted at this point.
    Even Clem lied to us. "pretend talks with her parents" my butt. Why Clem? Whyyyyyyy??!!!
  • Clem, Y u No Trust Us?
    But in all serious, this is my opinion of the current crew:

    Clem - Number 1 Priority.

    Kenny - Emotional Wreck, Unstable, could end up like Lilly (Killing Carley/Doug)

    Ben - Felt sorry for him when Lilly accused him, discovered he was traitor so we're just neutral now. He's gonna have to do something big to get back in my books :D

    Chuck - Like the dude so far, but it all depends if he trusts me enough too. We'll see if he'll ever explain the missing photograph to me.

    Omid - Ok, not too sure. Weird how he's so interested in Kids. Seems alright.

    Christa - Lilly 2.0? I'm not sure either, they came relatively late. Their mysterious talk on the crossing didn't help either (When you first meet them and climb up the ladder)

    Hit List

    Creepy Mysterious Pedophile On Walkie (C.M.P.O.W.) - Dead. Oh, so very dead. :D :D :D
  • ok am i the only one who got no dialogue about a photograph?
  • The only people I trusted were Clem, Carley and Katjaa. Duck was annoying but I still felt protective of him. Considering they all died, the only person I care about and am looking out for is Clem and maybe Kenny.
  • CapnJay;660486 said:
    ok am i the only one who got no dialogue about a photograph?
    No i didn't get any dialogue too. I didn't even know there even was dialogue about the photo :confused:
  • CapnJay;660486 said:
    ok am i the only one who got no dialogue about a photograph?
    It was in the lead car on the train, above the dead conductor. I think that was a picture of HIS (The conductor) family, but none-the-less, the picture disappears when you get around to moving the train. I believe that's the photo everyone is talking about. :)

    I guess everyone is under the assumption that Charles took it. >_> Maybe he needed some toilet paper. :P
  • Clem is all that remains. All characters I cared about are dead or gone. So, like Christa said, I will no longer trust in safety of numbers and if devs give us that choice, Lee and Clem are going to seperate from the rest.
  • I'm only worried about Clem now. It feels like she's my daughter or something, with that creep on the radio at the end of episode 3, I'm definitely going to be looking out for her in episode 4.

    I also trusted Kenny's family until everything happened, and now I'm not sure what to think about Kenny; on the train with Omid Kenny teaches him the train controls in case something "happens" to him. The words of a man who is giving up. Which, I understand in retrospect.

    I also trusted Carley, as she understood my past and kept it a secret from the group. Not to mention she knew how to use a gun. If I had the option, I would have saved her over Ben any day in the RV argument situation if I had a chance to. Quite frankly I never really cared about Ben, and I sure as hell don't care about what happens to him anymore in the future episodes. I think fear will kill him eventually.
  • Lee and Clem are the only two characters that I have ever cared about. People will come and go, and die, but none of that really matters so long as Lee and Clem make it out alive. There have been times when Lee would have died without the help of others, so I'm not discounting their actions by any means, but if it came down to letting Kenny die, in order to save myself or Clem, I'd let him die. I honestly think Lee needs at least one other strong person with him though because if something does happen to him, Clem will be on her own.
  • All I care about is making sure Clem is ok and looking out of Kenny (he is a bro to me). Ben caused Doug death so I hate him and I really really really don't like Christa and I wish she would keep away from Clem. Not sure what to make of Chuck, I mean I didn't like him telling Clem that she is going to die, but he made some good points about how to keep her safe. Oh and Omid called me a son of a bitch for helping him up first, so that was a bit harsh. So yea, like I said as long as Clem and Kenny are safe I'm happy.
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