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Past choice selector?

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Is there any way or chance we can get something like this into the game? I can't seem to find a thing like it and honestly, Ive grown to accept past choices and don't wish to replay both previous episodes to start the third how I had it.

Basically asking for a menu to quick pick the past "key" choices. As it is, I started the game and all three saves were on Episode 1. I am a steam user by the way, so if there is a fix or something I am missing, much appreciated.
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  • This would be pretty neat. It could be a playable "Previously on" type thing. Where they just run you through the key choices and then start the next episode.
  • I figure it would be along the lines of the randomly generated choices for skipped episodes, but like a debug mode for it. Granted I know little to nothing about coding and have no clue how it could or would be done.
  • Would rather have the damn game work as intended but at least such a utility would help alleviate the pain of TT's incompetence.
  • YES! I was actually going to mention something along those lines. I'd adore seeing that implemented into the game. And maybe a few more save slots? :D
  • There's a few problems with doing that this season.

    First, who is to say what is important? But it could be argued it's clear what the major choices are.

    Second, and more important, the core code hard to change. It's unlikely they would go back and do that. I don't work for TTG or know anybody that does, but a employee mentioned in a similar post.
  • We can dream, can't we? :)
  • Dead_Man_Walking;661007 said:
    We can dream, can't we? :)
    It's a free country.
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