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Lee's nightmare / Why would so many people...

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Did anyone else jump when Clementine jumped onto Lee during his nightmare? It actually got me pretty good my TV was turned loud too.

Any who onto the main topic.

Why would so many people


75% of players (Xbox) choose to kill Duck instead of having Kenny do it. Kenny was protecting Duck and you had no rights to shoot him.

This is like Ben shooting Clementine...If anything were to happen to her and she had to be killed the only people in the right of doing that are

Her parents. (If they're still around)
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  • the nightmare was surprising, but i had kenny shoot duck, katjaa was right by saying it should be a parent, It really puts you in the shoes of rick in season 2 with the barn, emotional roller coaster this games turning out to be
  • The nightmare sequence was brilliant as it got me like a real one. I was shocked for a second and then I suddenly thought... wait, something's not right here. Lee must be dreaming. The second quicktime event set in and Lee woke up. Very well done! :)
  • Okay I found out you can leave duck as a Walker.

    When Kenny looks at you after he sees Katjaa let the timer run out. When Kenny picks up the gun you can say

    "Give me the gun."

    some option telling Kenny to do it


    Let the timer run out here too. Do not use silence just let it run out.

    Kenny will raise the gun and you only have 2 options saying "it'll be okay" and "DO IT!" let the timer run out here again...

    You guys both walk away from walker duck.
  • No, I was just "oh, dream sequence, cool" and then at the end "oh, I guess this is one of those unbeatable QTEs, but just let it run it's course."
  • jangjangchang;662119 said:
    You guys both walk away from walker duck.
    That's just not right. As Duck said, he's "one of the good guys", you can't leave him a walker.

    So far, I've only played my two original saves and the first time I shot Duck on the premise that no parent should have to, but was kinda torn because I think if Duck were my child, I would feel somewhat like Katjaa originally said, it should be a parent - otherwise it's like you failed your child. On my second play, Kenny shot Duck.

    I don't wanna see walker Duck, nightmare walker Clementine was bad enough.
  • SadClown;660586 said:
    I'm sorry but that is cold. From a realistic stand point a parent should never have to kill their child.
    Ok, realistic as in what? As in todays Real Life? That's easy to say when your not put in that situation. What if ya out camping, child being attacked by wolves, you have 1 bullet.. Stand there and watch him get torn apart or put him out of his misery? I guess you could charge in and proably both get killed.

    No parent should have to kill their own child.. Wouldnt happen in a perfect world, but this is a zombie apocalypse, desperate times call for desperate measures.

    I still say was the fathers responsibility to end his son's suffering.. If Kenny had asked me to do it, I (my Lee) would have. If asked! But I wasnt going to offer because was his duty!
  • I'm totally leaving Walker Duck. (DuckDeadly? UnDucked?) I love that so many people leave their reanimated kids to roam the earth. There are some depressing examples from the comic.
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    Your alternative is to have Kenny and Katjaa kill their own son? Really? And if not Lee, what then? Would the gun go to Chuck or Ben? A drifter that they just bumped into or a highschooler? Or perhaps Clem? She needs to harden up, right? Or would you rather just have Duck die, alone, and continue on to the coast with Kenny and Katjaa? Duck would be a Walker until someone finally puts him out of his misery and Ken and Kat would be mortified about their now abandoned and zombiefied son.

    Lee was the best option. No parent should put their child out of their misery unless if it's the dead-last option at the bottom of the list of crappy options. I don't think most people would be able to function after doing so. Fortunately, if your Lee is iron-willed enough to take on the task, Ken and Kat wont have to.
  • Shooting Duck seemed like a no-brainer (no pun intended). Can't imagine a parent having to do that to their own child. And I'm not even a parent. I wouldn't be surprised if almost 100% of people who are parents made the choice to do the deed.

    I don't think I've chosen a silent option once. I've already been thinking about playing through again with a "harder/tougher" mentality, and being a silent-type fits that, so I'll be trying that out.
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