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[WD] OSX Mountain Lion, please fix it already

posted by tomasl on - last edited - Viewed by 510 users
I bought it from Steam for my MacBook Pro Retina with Mountain Lion.

Subtitles and every text overlays are unreadable. Instead of text i see some colored squares.

I found many reports for this bug on Telltale Game Forums and... to this day nothing happened.

It is hard to give us some statement? Just "we're working on it" or "nope, that will never happens".

It is embarrasing for you guys that we have to ask and beg for it.
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  • Nothing.

    Ok, i see. Thank you.
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    DjNDB Moderator
    I can't answer your question, but some people have reported that they could work around it by switching between full screen and windowed mode.
  • So what's the fix?
  • Hi,

    I bought The Walking Dead Episode 1 from Steam and I'm having the same issues on my Retina MBP running Mountain Lion. I'm able to solve the text issues by switching between windowed and fullscreen mode but the game keeps on freezing for a few seconds when something is about to happen. This is pretty bad since I just paid €25 for a game that should run on a laptop that goes way beyond what Telltale asks for when it comes to system requirements. Thing is, it doesn't and there is no answer from any Telltale's rep saying if a fix is coming or not. What the hell? That's how you want to keep your customers?

    I'm hoping for a reply saying something about this (a definite answer about whether the fix is coming or not) since I only have less than 2 weeks to talk to Steam about getting my money back.
  • Still no answer, huh? How hard can it be?
  • Somehow the text strings for subtitles does not load correctly and in fact forcing to refresh *going from fullscreen to window and then back* actually fix it for now.

    c'mon telltale just make the text load twice just to be sure *thats hardcoding but well... who am i to judge the beauty of hardcoding when in gold rush :p*
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