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TWD: Problem with saved files?

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Is anyone else having this problem, I had three saved files when I began chapter two, I first started on my No.1 chapter where I had saved Carly, but when i actually ran the game it had Doug as my person I had saved, confused but too eager to play the game i went along with it, and completed chapter two with what the game programmed me with, But now going back and trying to play my other saved files it simply refuses to work, if I click play on chapter two it brings me right to the end, but if I try to play my other save files It does not load and just gives me a black screen?, anyone else had this problem?
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  • After i downloaded episode 2 it said i hadn't finished episode 1 and when i continued episode 1 i was half way through it. I was so confused i just erased episode 1 and started again, when i finished ep 1 it said i saved duck when i saved shawn. I just decided to go on with ep 2 with this but still TTG you delayed this a month and it screws up like this, come on.
  • I just have 3 blank save slots where my fully played saves used to be. I don't want to start another one just yet.. are they gone for good?
  • Just great... I've bought and played damn near every Telltale Game since Sam & Max 1, Ignored the delays and the bugs and whatnot and now, just as I go to finish up Ep 3 of Walking Dead my save file is gone and I have to restart from Ep. 1. I thought the whole point of not rushing the releases was to prevent mistakes like this. All my choices are gone, I was doing my 1st playthrough with no going back and fixing mistakes/bad choices and now I don't get to play the story I've invested months in. I hope you guys read this and know you've REALLY disappointed a loyal customer. I don't know if I'll even bother replaying it now.
  • indeed i have a problem with my saved files. They are gone..
  • Same... so pumped for episode 3 only for it to loads with all saves missing. Some official support on this problem would be nice..
  • I'm also having this problem, my only save file is gone. Really, really frustrating, tried to fix it with no success... I really really hope I don't have to replay the whole thing (I would, though, just for the sake of playing episode 3 =/)
  • Deja vu. I posted in this thread two months ago. No response.

    Now I'm back, after having experienced the same problem, except this time there's no caveats about having tried to copy (within the game, mind you) the save. I didn't do anything to it, all I tried to do was finish episode 2, try to start episode 3, had it fail, and then when I came back into the game, my first save is reverted to episode 1 and the others are empty.

    Well, they just took my afternoon from me with nothing to show for it, except having to sit through the same unskippable dialogue and drawn-out sequences yet again.

    But I still have all evening to let all my friends, acquaintences, and strangers know that this game will frustrate the hell out of them if they buy it.
  • My xbox saves are completely wiped out and now it won't even save anymore. I tried deleting everything and re-downloading but it just doesn't work anymore. All three saves just gone and every time I restart it it doesn't want to save.
  • After finishing Episode 3, knowing I have a month or two to kill, I decided to go back to slot 1 and rewind to the beginning and make some other choices. However, now my games won't save. I will play through most of Episode 1 and when I try to quit--or even go to the menu and look at options, it just keeps replaying the opening "The game adapts to the choices you make" disclaimer, and I'm back in the opening scene. I've now spent two evenings trying to make progress but no matter what I do, when I navigate out of the game (even just going to "Settings"), it relaunches the opening.

    Have I now broken the game? Are there any patches or fixes for recovering old save games? I'm surprised to read here on this forum that this appears to be a known issue that may or may not ever be resolved. It seems like a basic "must-fix" type issue.
  • Hey Frantoll,

    Sorry to see that you have fallen into this trap as many of us have. After repeated cries to the Telltalers, it seems that no fix is coming soon. There was a post over a month ago from a Telltale Rep stating "It IS a very small number of people that it's happening to, which made reproducing the issue internally difficult and time-consuming." I'm guessing that the Walking Dead Game was never finished and tested before they released it and now, instead of fixing technical problems with the game, they are rushing to code the next episode. ANYWAY...

    I found a way to play the game without the crashing and loss of saved games, but you will have to ditch any games you have saved until this point (I did and I had 3 saves: Good Lee, Bad Lee and Indifferent Lee). This has only been tried for the PC (not through Steam either):

    1. Erase any content related to the Walking Dead Game... Start from Scratch.

    2. Download the game from your account... You must be signed in and then in the upper right you will see the joystick with "Your Games" tab. Download the first episode ONLY.

    3. Play the episode, but under NO circumstances Alt Tab out of the game. When you want to Exit, hit escape and then go to Main Menu (click ok that unsaved progress will be lost) and then Exit Game from Main Menu (I'm not 100% sure you have to go to the Main Menu instead of just Exiting the game, but I haven't even attempted that).

    4. When you reach the end of Episode 1, let the credits play out and then, from the main menu click play game (this is your first save) and (this seems important): Download the next episode from within the game itself. I think this puts all the game data together, whereas if you download it separately and then install it from the download (even if you choose the Walking Dead folder to install it to) the saves become corrupted.

    Remember to follow step 3 whenever you want to exit the game and when you hit the end of Episode 2 follow step 4 and let it download through the game itself.

    I have replayed all of my saves through the end of episode 3 and don't have one corrupted (yet).

    I know this is a biotch, but it is the only way I have been able to get all my saves to work. Hope it works for others who are willing to start from scratch,
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