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[SPOILERS] What the new Episode 3 trailer showed me/ predictions

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Ill start off with my boldest, but after seeing the clip Im pretty confident in what I think will happen.

1) Carly/Doug will DEFENITELY die. They show doug very briefly being held captive... and show him once again quickly in the van. However, there by far the most expendable (well other than ben)

2) As is pretty logical, the group gets held captive by theifs while still at the motel, which is then attacked by walkers... in a mad dash the group gets into kennys rv and drive away.

3) As for the traiter, Im just taking an educated guess that it is duck or clem, trying to help the group but doing the exact opposite. Either that or its kenny who sees that the group will not longer listen to him, so hes trying to make lilly look bad or get out of the motel.

4) The video surprisngly didnt show the two new characters they talked about in playing dead, but it did show the guy on the train. Best guess here is they run out of fuel for kennys RV and hop on the train, which is than blocked by random debris, which leads to the zombie horde running towards them.

5) As for the gunshot from clem, I will have to say that it is basically insignificant. I think she just shoots a walker, a walker attacking lee or something.

6) I think the episode will close with Lee having to decide whther to go to Savannah or stay with the group (or accomplish both)...

What are your predictions?
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