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Will Clementine die?

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First, let me say I don't want either, but I can totally imagine the writers doing something evil like killing off Lee and then Clem goes into sex slavery or something terrible.

If you kill Clem...

Just give Lee the option to off himself. Seriously.

If you kill Lee...

Just keep her safe. There's no ZA and children in this world are sold into slavery, prostitution, and all kinds of terrible things. I can't imagine what a world in a ZA world would look like. Just keep her safe.

Please & Thank you
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  • Stop killing people we like for at least one episode, ta. I think we've had enough of that for 1 episode.
  • Just think, we just taught Clem how to use a sidearm in this episode. >_> I don't like where this is going. :(
  • I feel violated after ep3. I really do. But I fear that it's coming down to what Red Panda said, someone is probably going to get raped. Would fit after cannibalism, raiders and the senseless killing inside the group. God, the walking dead game is just like the comics, but more intense, as you are making the choices.
  • somehow after ep3 and the ep4 preview

    i reckon clem will survive but lee doesn't..
  • My prediction is that Clementine will live, but all the horrible shit she's gone through will completely shatter that innocence of hers we all want to protect.
  • With the death of Duck (Purely for the fact that it happened and how it can happen), I'm beside myself on how this is going to end. I've noticed a lot of bits and pieces that don't make a lick of sense when it comes to Clemy. I honestly wouldn't be surprised, with the above mentioned and a messed up twist of fate, if Clemy kills Lee in the end. Or, worse, the other way around. I hope I'm wrong, but that would be one helluva grimdark ending. <3
  • Jolene's daughter was harmed: it seemed to implied she was kidnapped, raped, murdered, then eaten, and she was close to Clem's age. Don't put anything past the writers at this point.
  • Yeah, but that was implied through the evidence. Actually participating in Duck's untimely demise is what made me do a toss up. I will give a huge kudos to TT, though, I don't see that in too many games. :)
  • I don't care what happens to anyone else, but if Clem dies I seriously won't know what to do with myself :(
  • there is .000001% chance that lee and/or clem will die. I could totally see them being seperated at the end of episode 4 (maybe the pedo gets clem) but they will be reunited and more improtantly alive.
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