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EVIL Carley or Doug (spoilers)

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(If you have not played episode 3 yet do not read this)

Ok by now we all know there dead

but what if they our not?

What if in the second season they live and this time they not good but evil. We assume they dead but people have survived gunshots to the head(Carley) and have even been known to walk around because the bullet did not damage no vital areas. The same can be said for a bullet to the stomach like Doug.

So could you see them in second season as evil characters? seeking revenge because you left them?
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  • I can't see it personally.

    Why would the seek revenge on Lee and the group when it was Lilly who shot them and they're gone anyway?
  • Well in

    Carleys case: She would wake up like wtf because she got side blinded. I could see a brain injury victim only remember that argument and then nobody is around. She would be like wtf!!!!

    Dougs case: He would know they left if he woke up and he a tech guy he might even be smart enough to patch himself up. Remember how he talked about chalk???
  • Ugh this would be awful, sorry. They should stay dead. It was a shocking and bleak death that seems fitting considering what has been happening to the survivors.
  • ^^^Hey it happens in comic books all the time lol
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    ArthurV Telltale Staff
    Do they come back with goatees?

  • ^^^^OMG i remember that Evil Spock

    that would be cool as hell for Doug to have a beard of Evil LOL
  • SO people keep saying that Doug was shot in the stomach... Why was my Doug shot in the back of the head?
  • anyone else wish lilly shot the nub ben instead...
  • All I have to say is if Carley comes back, after catching a lead round in the face, I may have to switch sides. D:< I mean, come on, that ain't natural. :P As for Doug, I don't know. I had a skip in the scene on mine, and it looked like he caught it in the back/upper torso area. >_> Oh well, too lazy to replay to see. :D
  • I predict Doug will come back from the dead, he'll turn evil because he's motivated by revenge and he'll form a group of survivors that he found at a hospital and he'll lead them as they commit atrocities together. During a decisive battle with a group of religious fanatic (but peaceful) survivors, Doug's face is heavily burned and so he covers his entire head in bandages as he continues to hunt down Lee. Doug finally corner's Lee at a derelict room in the hospital and almost kills Lee, but Lee wins because Clem is able to sneak up on Doug from behind and deal a crippling blow so that Lee can finish him off.

    Clem later takes Lee back to where they met and Lee dies from his injuries, the end.
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