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What Matters To You?

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At this point, what matters to you? What doesn't?

After losing everybody except Clem, Kenny and Ben, I'm just in a "fuck the world" mindset.

The only thing I care about at this point is Clem and myself.

Ben is a cowardly, naive idiot that was a catalyst for the trouble in ep 3.

Kenny saved me once, but in my playthrough, he left me to die twice. I feel sorry for his loss--it was sad to see his family go--but fuck him.

Chuck has good advice, but he's an alcoholic and loner type. I can't trust a guy that only looks out for himself.

Omid and Christa, well, I don't know them and I'm not trying to. Either they can't be trusted or they'll die. I don't want to be around for either.
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  • Lee and Clem are the only two characters that I have ever cared about. People will come and go, and die, but none of that really matters so long as Lee and Clem make it out alive. There have been times when Lee would have died without the help of others, so I'm not discounting their actions by any means, but if it came down to letting Kenny die, in order to save myself or Clem, I'd let him die. I honestly think Lee needs at least one other strong person with him though because if something does happen to him, Clem will be on her own.
  • All I care about is making sure Clem is ok and looking out of Kenny (he is a bro to me). Ben caused Doug death so I hate him and I really really really don't like Christa and I wish she would keep away from Clem. Not sure what to make of Chuck, I mean I didn't like him telling Clem that she is going to die, but he made some good points about how to keep her safe. Oh and Omid called me a son of a bitch for helping him up first, so that was a bit harsh. So yea, like I said as long as Clem and Kenny are safe I'm happy.
  • I don't blame Ben for what he did. I might have done the same thing to keep the bandits off us, but I would've brought it up for discussion amongst the group first. I still don't like Ben regardless, He's a weak and fairly useless member who hasn't proved himself worth a damn.

    I feel some obligation to look out for Kenny, if only because he's been there from the beginning.

    Omid and Chuck seem ok. Christa rubs me the wrong way though. Within five minutes she's giving me lectures on Clem. Did we need our group's shrill bitch replaced that quickly?

    Clem is my centre. If she dies, I go after TellTale staff with a bowie knife.
  • It just seems so hard to believe that so much of the original Drug Store group is gone now. I was with Kenny through every episode, even the meat locker. Although I didn't agree with him at times, and he was an ass to me for mercy killing that girl at the start, we're still bros. Clem is my main priority, but I'm gonna try to get Kenny through this thing even though he seems to have given up. I'm not getting close to anyone else.

    Chuck seems ok, if blunt. His advice will probably save Clem now.

    Christa and Omid I'll keep my distance from. I was close to Carley, and thought that she and Lee could be Clem's new parents if we survived. Needless to say I abandoned Lilly on the side of that road.

    I thought it might have been Ben taking the supplies. I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt because he was a kid, but when Lilly snapped and killed Carley, that was just as much my fault as his for trusting him. He got the only person I KNEW I could trust get killed.

    In the end, fuck Ben. Christa and Omid, we'll see in EP4. Chuck is alright so far, but I'm keeping my distance. Kenny has given up, and I don't think he'll let himself survive the next two episodes. After this episode, I've given up hope pretty much but I'll make sure Clem makes it no matter what.
  • Chuck is a drunk but I think that he can be trusted. He's wise, and knows when to say something and when not to.

    Omid and Christa cannot be trusted. They have designs on Clem, I'm-a-thinkin'.

    Kenny? Who knows? Maybe he'll pull through. Too early to say., there's a puzzle. I don't think that he has what it takes to make it. He's got as much substance as a soggy paper bag.
  • What matters to me is three things: Helping Kenny, Protecting Clem, and trying to kill of Omid and romance Christa. I'm going to be frank and say that a woman that tall is pretty damn hot, even if she does look a bit mannish, and I hope I can unzip that amazon's track jacket sometime. Rawr.

    If I can ask for one more thing, it'd be having Chuck teach me guitar.
  • The only people left that I care about in the game are Clem, Kenny, and myself. Kenny has saved me multiple times in my playthrough. After Ben lied and caused Carley's death, I stopped caring if he lived. I'm not sure I trust Chuck %100 percent just yet. Christa seems like another Lilly and Omid seems like he would get killed if left alone.
  • I will be honest...during the games where you had to feed people and take care of them...i always took care of Clem and Carley first...Always! and i was being really drawn to Carley especially the motel part where they both tell each other how they feel towards each other...

    After Carley's death...i really snapped out and said to myself...shit I really gotta put Clem as my first CLEM 100% as for when Carley was alive was 50% Carley and 50% Clem
  • I only cared about Carley Clem and myself by episode 3, now its just clem and myself. i want to like and trust kenny but he is just to much of a liability. i also think i would be better off without omid and christa. in im not going out of my way to save ben, infact i feel the opposite is true, god i want to push him off the train.
  • Aside from the obvious Clem, I actually trust Ben and Omid.

    Ben did what he did because he thought it was the right thing, and it might have even ensured our survival for awhile. Although he should of told people. Frankly, I would have kept my mouth shut during Lilly's freak out too.

    As for Christa, I'm going to take the first chance to let her die. She seems like the kind of woman that screams paedophile when a man brings his daughter to the park. She might know Lee's past (not that it matters now), but she is definitely trying to get Clem away from Lee, "for her safety".

    Kenny can fuck off. Every time I need his help, he leaves me to die.

    Chuck is cool, but I expect he is going to leave when he thinks it's best for him to do so.
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