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Spoiler question about the end ?!!!! Don't open unless you've played episode 3

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So at the end we hear a guy respond on Clem's walkie talkie saying he has Clem's parents and we see Clem's been talking to him for a while and Lee is after this "guy" who is not seen just the shape of him , was wondering , who do guys think it is ? he knew about Clem and Lee and everyone else, either his a creep or he know's them , maybe Lily informed someone ? but then she's not coming back for the next 2 episodes is she ?
you're thoughts?
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  • I don't like the looks of this guy...
    I'll enjoy smashing his face in though ;)
  • It's Alfred Hitchcock.
  • I think its creepy and odd that Clem has been talking to him this whole time without telling Lee, I think that shows that Clem might not trust Lee. Think about it, the whole time Lee and clem were talking about their strategy Clem urged to go look for her parents yet completely failed to mention that she has been talking to a guy who has"confirmed" her parents are ok. I know shes a kid but logically that knowledge of knowing her parents are alive and she has been talking to someone via radio to confirm it, wouldnt you want to talk to Lee about it right away? It just seems fishy
  • Viner16;659567 said:
    I don't like the looks of this guy...
    I'll enjoy smashing his face in though ;)
    I'm with ya man, Shane style all the way !!!!!
  • Yertos;659001 said:
    I don't know much about walkie-talkies but what kinda range would they have? And how far is Savanna from Macon?
    82 miles, I think I heard
  • He kinda looks like a mix between a walker and "survivor"... a new zombie. I call it the "Walker Revolution" lol ;) Or is it Mr. Burns :D
  • well as we speculated before on how dark can ttg go with twd ?

    having an actual pedo ? yeah thats nail'd it, of course clem will be saved but there'll be plenty of hints saying thats what 'could happen'

    imo it's kind of obvious that clem isn't street smart, she didn't 'drop a hammer on lee's head' (good lol moment there) back in ep1, she trusts everyone, and does talk to strangers just cos they seem nice..or offer her free candy..
  • Milosuperspesh;661075 said:
    or offer her free candy..
    Sorry... I had too.

  • Milosuperspesh;661075 said:

    having an actual pedo?

    don't you mean 2 pedo's because we already have omid :D:D
  • The guy's silhouette actually reminds me of Douglas Monroe from the comics. Although, there is really no possible way AT ALL that Monroe could be in Savvanah, so it's not him. Who is this guy?
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