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[Ep. 3] Clementine: Super-Soldier

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Hello, I'm in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. I have this wonderful little companion who's just been an absolute angel so far, and now I want to optimize her into the ideal killing machine. Tell me, what choices did you make when you were training the little rascal?

Okay, I think we can all agree chopping up her smelly locks was a good idea. High-five, Chuck! :cool: So, no debate there.

HOWEVER! There were other choices I wasn't so confident about.

1) When given the dialogue options while teaching her how to use the gun, did you tell her to shoot for the head (zombie weakspot!) or did you emphasize accuracy by telling her to breathe in before shooting? I chose the latter option, but now I'm so conflicted! Will she need to know to go for the head? I'm at a loss.

2) When given the dialogue options after wasting those three zombies (who never stood a chance against my adorable death-dealer and me, btw :cool:) in the abandoned station, did you tell her to "always know that there could be something dangerous" or that she should "never be afraid?" Again, I chose the latter option, I figured that I could make her my sadistic berserker warrior capable of unhesitatingly flinging into bloody action... But now I'm wondering if I should've warned her to be more cautious? Will she kamikaze in a blaze of glory into a mob of zombies because it was irresponsible to tell her to be fearless?

Also, I know that there are third options for each of these dialogue checks above. I can't remember them though, so they must not have been important :cool:
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