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Goodbye, She Quietly Says [SPOILERS FOR EP.3]

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How many people shot the girl and put her out of her misery/let her dying screams attract the zombies?

Also, how many items did you manage to grab before the zombies broke in (taking into account what you decision was regarding the girl, you may have had more or less time)

[If someone could show me how to include a poll in the thread, I'd love to do that to make the results clearer]
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  • Killed her out of mercy. If I was in her shoes, I'd want someone to do the same for me.
  • I left her as a distraction. Really tough choice but survival is the name of the game. Although I thought Kenny would keep that episode between us. How pissed off was everyone when Kenny blurted it out in the motor inn?
  • so lily blurts that your a murderer to save her skin and kenny blurts out about the girl.
  • I shot her, can't leave somebody behind to the walkers like that. Managed to pick up 11 supplies.
  • She was in downtown Macon screaming at the top of her lungs... she would have gotten all of us killed, so I left her. I actually felt really bad about it but she really was dead anyway.
  • So people who let her be eaten and collected all the items, how did that change things storywise? I put the poor girl out of her misery and collected 10 items. Lilly is annoyed we didn't get more, argues with Kenny, and then sets me on my hunt for the thief.
  • I loved the beginning. Just 10 minutes into the game I was totally mind raped already. :D
  • I actually let the walkers have her figuring she would keep them distracted before Kenny even suggested it. So for me, that was a easy choice.

    I see many comments on how she was bitten on the ankle anyways, well tbh, I dont think she was.. It was close, but I think she pulled her foot away just before it got her.

    She did get bitten after that, on the shoulder/neck, but I seriously didnt see her ankle get bitten, either way she was distracting the walkers allowing Kenny and I more time to grab more supplies!
  • 12 items shooting her, all of them (as far as I know) without.
  • Oh yeah, she was bitten on the ankle. It's a bit hard to see, but when the walker grabs her ankle, he lunges forward slightly and you can see a spurt of blood. I knew she was dead, but I couldn't let her die like that. Like my Lee said to Glenn in episode 1: "Mercy man."
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