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If You Could... Who Would You Choose?

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Who would you choose to pardon from death? So far in this game, if you had the power to change only one characters fate, only one, which of the main characters would you save from their ultimate demise? Who gets to live? and why?


did i get everyone?
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  • I chose Shawn. He's a police officer and he's trained. I'd much rather have him cover my back than any of the other options.
  • StrawberryRainPop;660860 said:

    Let there be an option to make Ben the traitor, and let Lily kill him. That way, its a mere death switch, which makes it VERY viable.
    Unfortunately at this rate, I don't think Telltale would go all out on bringing Carley back as how she looked like in the game.

    Imagine maybe Carley coming back with an eye patch or something. I think that's as far as Telltale's willing to go.

    Telltale is not Robert Kirkman, Robert Kirkman is not Telltale. How they direct the story doesn't have to be in conjunction with that fatman's story. I get it that TWD is a sad story about human nature, but it doesn't mean any game based on it have to follow that fatass' lead, especially the kind that screws up fan's expectation.
  • Don'tLickTheSaltLick;660699 said:
    Ken? What are you doing here? lol

    (There's a guy called CinnamonToastKen on YouTube if you are wondering what the hell I am talking about.)
    really? wow! lol, i totally picked this name in a hurry last night because i needed to make a name quickly as i joined in the midst of me playing... i couldn't think of anything clever right then so i picked my breakfast. lol it was this or Coffee! i think i will change my name if i can to avoid confusion as i am totally not a guy, not ken and am not on youtube! lol :o
  • My Lee would have gladly taken that bullet meant for Carley. :(
  • CapnJay;660686 said:
    Remind me to Nag Milo to photoshop Lee and Duck as Batman and Robin
    i'll give it a whirl sometime, but right now i'm on a downer from ep3: carley 3 fuckers spoiled me on facebook), duck (holy shit i actually shot him), katjaa (knew she'd die but why not take duck with her), lilly taking her first steps to going bat guano crazy..

    :( woe is me..
  • Greenpaw;660859 said:
    Carley. Too much wasted potential. I also don't really like that they went in a direction that made Doug/Carley's death at the same point. Maybe in the same episode, but still.
    Wasted Potential...yes i agree with that. That and other than Clem, Carley was the only one who REALLY knew who you were at first, and your love interest.

    And also the person who saved you....

    goddamn it
  • CapnJay;660683 said:
    Your going to have to Edit this for future episodes but i'll play

    Future episodes Clem

    Currently Duck b because that way i could save TWO characters {kaatja suicided because of Duck}
    Damn... should of thought about that, lol. I picked Kaatja.
  • Carley. She was easily the most valuable member of group (think of how she took out those bandits without losing her cools giving time for rest of the group to take cover)
  • the way carley wasted those two bandits left me pretty much in awe. nice shooting quickdraw! But I kinda thought that if she survued with me and Clem, it would be like a family. Plus, after all she did for the group, and surviving that huge bandit raid, the way she was taken out was just horrifying. What the fuck Lilly?
  • Doug. He jumped in front of a bullet meant for Ben.

    Even in the end, he was a big ol' lovable hero. :(
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