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Walking Dead iOS Ep 2 - Bought Episode Pack, Cant Download

posted by infinityends on - last edited - Viewed by 716 users
I purchased Walking Dead and the Episode Pack about a month ago.

Ep2 finally came out today. But when I try to get it it pops up saying it wants to charge me another $5 for Ep2 or if I click on the Pack it says it is going to charge me another $15.

Is this just a default prompt that I shouldnt worry about and I can just get the episode?

Under play when I select Ep2 there is a "get" button, but that just takes me to the purchase page as well.

I am dying to play this but I'm not about to pay twice for the rest of the episodes

(FYI I have tried closing the app completely and relaunching as well as rebooting my iphone - I work in tech support, I have tried the obvious things)
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  • Quick update, for some reason I can download this correctly on my iPad (running latest ios6 beta) but my iphone still wants me to do a purchase.

    I would prefer to play on my ipad anyway, but my previous game was on my phone and since there isnt a way to transfer the saves between I would rather use my phone (telltale need to add icloud ability for saves)
  • As long as you're logged in with the account that you originally made the purchase on, you will not be charged again. You will need to walk through the purchase path on the second device for the Multi Pack first to activate it, but you won't be charged again.
  • I bought the Multi-Pack and the game will not download in my IPhone (yes. Even after resetting the App) - The episode section keep showing ep.2 as "Coming soon" with no option to download.
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