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[SPOILERS] Getting Emotional

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I notice several people mentioning that they cried when certain characters died or felt real anger about some events. I'm usually a pretty emotional person; I cry at the tiniest things, including sad movies and sometimes even games. I got a little choked up by the ending of Sam and Max The Devil's Playhouse for pete's sake. But TWD has not tugged at my heart strings. I've felt foreboding and panic, quite a bit of anger at Kenny, some scares, but nothing has made me weep or even feel choked up. I might have felt sad for Doug, if we'd actually stayed around to mourn his loss.

One thing that's interesting is that Lee doesn't get too choked up himself. Perhaps I'm just mirroring my character? If I don't get any cues from him that I should be moved by these events, maybe I don't in real life.

How deeply is this game impacting some of you? Is it just a game or are you totally engrossed and being torn apart inside at every character death or misfortune?
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  • Given how I've spent the past few months crying my eyes out over Katawa Shoujo, I'm not quite as fazed by The Walking Dead as most. But yeah, I've been pretty emotional.
  • I've been emotional, but I havn't really cried. I mean I almost cried and it was depressing as fuck.
  • I was pretty devastated when Lilly shot Carley straight in the face in the RV argument in episode 3...she didn't know for certain who was sneaking supplies, but still shot her anyways. It made me feel angry, because I think Lee and Carley were beginning to have a strong bond together.

    Not to mention when Katjaa shot herself because of Duck, that saddened me. I really didn't expect that to happen.
  • I was shocked when Lilly murdered Carley. I mean, Lee Lilly and Carley were pretty much the ones who saved the group at the motor inn during the raid. Then Carley dies just like that? God, I was devastated. And when Kenny explained to me that he blamed himself for Shawn, even after all this time... When he stopped the train and we had to take care of Duck, I almost shut off the game because I couldn't take the sadness. But I didn't and I'm glad. A really well done episode, kudos TellTale!
  • I haven't really gotten attached to any of the characters as of yet, although Clemmy tugs at my heartstrings now and again. I felt one of those sentimental lumps when Lee and Clemmy shared their "I'm glad I have you..." (Or something to that effect) conversation. Clem kind of grew on me after that, but the whole radio secrecy thing blew that out of the water PDQ. :/
  • Well, Clem is still a child, and the person at the other end of the walkie talkie conversation is obviously playing on that - he definitely has sinister motives. Omid is a dead duck (excuse the expression) because of his injured leg and I definitely don't trust Krista. Omid seemed too happy to see a little kid, and Krista made sideways comments about Lee's capacity to look after her- after knowing him for less than a day.

    Krista or Omid (or both of them) are going to try to steal Clem away from Lee. No doubt about it.

    Ben has got to go. He's weak, stupid and treacherous. Don't see anything good coming from him. I'm pretty choked up about Carley as she was the only one Lee could really trust, apart from Clem.

    Clem has pulled at my heart strings since the first few scenes in episode one, and the scene in the office with bandaging her finger sealed it for me.
  • I really like Lee to be honest. His character has grown on me. Dont know if its because im controlling him or not. Clem because i have children her age and that makes me watch out for her more as if she was my own. God if something happens to her ill break down lol. Since i know that no one is safe in the world of the walking dead not even children. cough Duck cough. Lee i can handle but not loosing Clem.

    Edit: I just remebered Lees nightmare. hope they are not hinting at something to come. :/
  • I couldn't sleep after Carly's death...i think i was really in love with her lololol
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