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If the most hated character starts to be charming, watch out! (Spoilers)

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The only person Walking Dead players hated more than a child, was the person threatening to throw that same child out to the zombies (presumably because the player wanted to do it first!). I am of course talking about Larry, who in episode 1 uses his entire five minutes of consciousness to make your life a living hell. However, I found in episode 2 when things are not going crazy, he's got charm coming out of his ass. I was actually starting to like him before his sudden demise.

Now we come to episode 3. Duck was arguably the Jar Jar Binks of this series, and TellTale did something astonishing by making him seem likeable. I don't know about you, but I couldn't resist giving him the highfive and getting the "Duck thinks you're super awesome!" prompt. Plus he's a fan of Batma- oh nevermind, he's dead.

I'm sensing a possible pattern here. :)
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  • I've noticed that too, if something THAT positive comes up something bad is most likely to happen to the character. Glad I wasn't the only one who thought of that pattern.
  • I dunno. I hated him since Ep1. He tries a bit harder in EP3 (helping you investigate, highfive...) but still I didn't like him. In the end didn't matter anways, no matter your choices he dies so might as well look at him as an annoyin brat and move on tbh
  • The reason I think Larry was suddenly likeable is because he was in the same bad situation as you, and thus an ally in this instance.

    Think of the movie "Pulp Fiction" when that dude was stuck in the "gimp's lair" or whatever you call it.

    Butch was that dude's sworn enemy. But some injustices rival contemporary alliances (or enemies). Would Butch let his enemy lay helpless? Nah, you gotta help even your enemies when some ******* ****** like that happens. Same thing with Larry.

    As far as Duck goes; yeah, he was cool as hell when he was helping you out. (At first, I thought he was guilty of something. But evidently, he was just a cool dude trying to help out.)
  • Every time something good is happening, someone dies in episode 3.

    We made it away and nobody got hurt? Sorry, your friend gets shot.

    We find a huge train and get out to see it? Sorry, Lilly stole the RV.

    We got the Train moving? Sorry, EVERYBODY YOU LOVE IS DYING!!!!
  • It's almost like the developers wanted to show us what we were missing. Clearly they love all their characters.
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