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Spoiler question about the end ?!!!! Don't open unless you've played episode 3

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So at the end we hear a guy respond on Clem's walkie talkie saying he has Clem's parents and we see Clem's been talking to him for a while and Lee is after this "guy" who is not seen just the shape of him , was wondering , who do guys think it is ? he knew about Clem and Lee and everyone else, either his a creep or he know's them , maybe Lily informed someone ? but then she's not coming back for the next 2 episodes is she ?
you're thoughts?
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  • Oh, Dr. Venture, what are you doing in The Walking Dead? -_-
  • I do remember Gary saying EP4 is going to be absolutely fucked up... So yeah..
    Make of that what you will.
  • kirby18;659597 said:
    I think its creepy and odd that Clem has been talking to him this whole time without telling Lee, I think that shows that Clem might not trust Lee. Think about it, the whole time Lee and clem were talking about their strategy Clem urged to go look for her parents yet completely failed to mention that she has been talking to a guy who has"confirmed" her parents are ok. I know shes a kid but logically that knowledge of knowing her parents are alive and she has been talking to someone via radio to confirm it, wouldnt you want to talk to Lee about it right away? It just seems fishy
    Well, Clementine is a kid but at the same time she has traits of adult. It is possible that the guy on Walkie-Talkie blackmailed her into not telling anyone, or he will harm her parents. And that is again where her child nature and adult nature collide. The naive part of the child in her makes her believe that man blindly, while the more adult part of her personality also makes her consider that it may be true what he is saying and he actually may have her parents. So I doubt it is anything related to her not trusting Lee, after all, on many occassions, Clem showed her affection towards him and him protecting her.
  • I was really confused as to how the hell Clem's walkie-talkie could even receive anything. Those kinds of radios have a short radius. It's clear that they have both been talking to each other. When I talked to my friend about it he said it's actually possible to set up a relay for walkie-talkies which allows them to transmit over long distances, but it would only work one way and it still doesn't make sense how Clem could have been transmitting to him.

    Then again, it's a video game, and still a damn good twist.

    It's pretty obvious this guy doesn't know where Clem's parents are and wants Clem alone. It is HIGHLY unlikely that whoever it is met Glenn. You don't need the exact same walkie talkies, just the same frequencies. What's more likely is that Clem managed to talk to this guy who said he knows her parents, but that she shouldn't tell anyone about him or they wouldn't take her to Savannah. Remember, Clem is just a kid. Some guy from Savannah happened to catch her talking on the frequency.

    Dunno if she lied about breaking it at the drugstore or not, though.
  • FoxxyFox;661731 said:

    We can be for sure that the "crazy guy" Clementine's mom mention must be that guy from the walkie-talkie, so he kinda must had a walkie-talkie or he met Glenn "his friends" (Glenn named them at the end from episdoe 1) because he (Glenn) was on his way at the end from episode 1 to Atlanta. :)

    EDIT: I did also

    I'm not too certain about that. I think as the outbreak started, Clem's dad probably got attacked by some "crazy" guy outside of the hotel. In this case, crazy = zombie (at least in the beginning) So, Clem's dad is almost assuredly a zombie or dead by now. The old man on the radio could be anybody, really. Maybe he was staying in the hotel - or working there.

    On a side note, The Marshall House in Savannah is supposedly haunted, along with everything else in that town. Cool place!
  • Fiddle Diddle;658584 said:
    Let's clear some stuff up!

    The creepy guy's walkie talkie (or ham radio or whatever other device) does NOT have to be the same walkie talkie that Glenn took with him in Ep. 1, it just has to be tuned to the same frequency as Clemmy-Clem's.

    I think that Clem was maybe playing with the frequency one night, thinking of her parents, when by coincidence she found this guy who was more or less doing the same thing.

    The creepy guy on the Clem's walkie does not need to have prior knowledge of Lee or Clem or anyone else in the group, he just needs Clem to divulge everything to him over the walkie.

    Obviously, for some nefarious purpose, the man over the walkie is taking advantage of Clem. She *probably* (naively) asked him about her parents as soon as she got someone to respond, so he could have potentially started lying to her fairly early on. Clem must've just *thought* that the walkie was broken in Ep. 1, and when she finally gets it to work at some unspecified future time, the man she reaches manipulates her into telling Lee and everyone else that the walkie is still broken.
    But what can't be explained is how the walkie talkie still works. I can see Doug fixing it, but I don't know why he wouldn't share the news with the rest of the group.

    On top of that, creepy guy just so happens to be in Savannah. Bit of a coincidence.

    Finally, really curious about the make and model of that radio. Talkies that size have a 2 mile range on a clear day. If it could reach Savannah it must have been a top of the line model, and those use custom battery packs, AA's wouldn't be able to produce enough juice even if it took them. I'd expect maybe 8 hours of talk time on a fresh battery, and the thing was in use for 4 months with no electricity or opportunity to charge it.
  • Okay, first time on the forums, but I have a completely different idea on the walkie situation and wanted to share. I think the homeless man, Chuck, is the voice on the walkie talkie. First of all, it sounded like him to me the first time I heard the voice. I listened to the message Lee hears more than once, and I didn't get anything from it that led me to believe that Clementine had been communicating for a long time with the voice on the walkie. We know that Chuck spoke to everyone on the train and got to know them. We also know that children like to blab all kinds of things, and Clementine probably told him all about her parents. It wouldn't be unheard of for another survivor to have a walkie; he may have been trying to communicate with other people. I don't think Clementine lied about her walkie being broken; I think she either thought it was broken and it actually wasn't, or Chuck did something to fix it. He feels creepy to me the way he talked about Clementine not going to live or something like that. I think the shadowy figure in the preview is not the voice on the radio. Just there to mess with us.
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