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EU PS3 owners

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Seriously. PC owners are kicking off all over the place about waiting until Friday. European PS3 owners don't even have a date! Why? How different can EU PS3 be to the rest of the world's?! This is crazy!

Please, any answers as to why and when.
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  • Lockmort;635526 said:
    It's 3:30am now so I'll try and keep this short.

    For the past few weeks, and especially days, I was so angry at you Telltale people. I told myself that even if episode 2 turned out to be great, I shouldn't let it go. But man, this was just way to awesome. Played it through in 1 sitdown and before I knew it, 3 hours have passed. When I got the trophy "you fight like a dairy farmer" I bursted out laughing, just plain and simple awesomeness and such a fun throwback to Monkey Island. I almost hate to admit it after the past few weeks, but well done Telltale. Extremely well done.

    Now please hire a new PR manager and we can be bff's again.
    I finally got Episode two now, too. Gotta say, I dont see it like you, not at all. A good game doesnt make all this other stuff go away. The game IS good, but Iam still angry as hell at TT and I still regret buying the season pass. The fact that I can finally play doenst change anything.

    I am still thinking that, in case there is another season, I will never buy a game which isnt released allready from TT again. Sorry TT, I wont make the same mistake twice...
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Aber nicht, dass du dich bei der nächsten Season gleich wieder beschwerst. ;)
  • Vainamoinen;635694 said:
    Aber nicht, dass du dich bei der nächsten Season gleich wieder beschwerst. ;)
    I am not gonna start writing in german, because I still hope that someone from TT will read this.
    Regarding your quote, like I said before, I will NOT buy such a pass from TT again.
    By the way, what is this?
    I (a costumer) go online to complain (about the product that I bought!) in the official forum from TT. So instead that there is some progress in terms of service and communication I get marked from a moderator? Wow...Cant imagine pulling that off. Arent you supposed to represent TT in some way? It´s obvious, that you havent said one negative word about this whole topic so...I dont know, honestly I dont know what to say. This is priceless...

    It´s like I buy something at some store. And by the minute the guy behind the counter has my money he runs away. Eventually he comes back (after I yelled for hours in front of the store) and I get my product and then, when I want to say something again he says something like: "Ok, so what? Dont buy it next year again. And if you do, dont complain!"
    Did I forget anything? Because you just said to me (for the ones who dont speak german) that I shoudln come around next season to complain...
    Seriously, what is going on here?

    Ps: Warum ziehst du das so ins lächerliche? Ich hätte bei einen neuen Season nix zu meckern. TT hätte was zu meckern, da sie mich als Kunden möglicherweise ganz verlieren.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    TheGreatRobin;635727 said:
    It´s obvious, that you havent said one negative word about this whole topic
    I know you can't read all of my posts, but THIS is just ridiculous.

    I was taking a slight jab from among the fan community to someone in it - and nothing more; and I do not belong to Telltale, so take your embarrassing "comparison" elsewhere. Your logic was questioned from exactly your level as a customer.

    Yes, now and then developers read this forum, but if you desperately want some kind of official consolation for the hardships you've undoubtedly endured, well, you're in a community forum, emphasis on community.

    I have fully acknowledged and supported the community's right to complain about a lot of things and was alluding to the very simple fact that those who complain most are the most desperate waiters - maybe even be among those who like the game most - and might indeed be around next time despite their vows of renunciation, provided that a definite improvement in communication occurs, which I expect.
    TheGreatRobin;635691 said:
    in case there is another season, I will never buy a game which isnt released allready from TT again. Sorry TT, I wont make the same mistake twice...
    TheGreatRobin;635727 said:
    da sie mich als Kunden möglicherweise ganz verlieren.
    See the difference?

    Please, chill a bit Robin. You're among equals.
  • Folks is anyone getting problems with episode 2 working, its still showing coming soon on the game, downloaded it from the PS Store but still nothing.

  • 1. Why is my post embarrassing? This is a TT forum, you are a moderator, you are one of the officials here. So why is the thought "embarrassing", that I think you have anything to do with TT? In some way you represent them here.

    2. I dont get why you quoted me twice at the end of your post. In one I wrote that i will never buy a game from TT this way again and in the other sentence I say that after this they maybe lose me entirely as a costumer. Until now, you are the only one, who has anything to do with TT, who has answered in some way to us costumers. And if I then even get marked by this person, it doesnt really improve my impression of TT so far...

    So, sorry why is anything that I say ridiculous? I am a costumer, I bought one of TT´s products, so basically I have the right to complain. And since I got to this forum from the official TT webpage, there is nothing wrong with anything I say.

    And by the way, I mean everything I say. I regret now that I bought the season pass, episode two didnt change my opinion. I have to say that I never bought some other pass up front before, so believe me when I tell you, that I wont make the same mistake twice. I realise that there are probably many people who will buy a possible second season pass again, right when its released , but dont just assume that I am just some kind of troll who changes his mind as soon as he get what he wants.

    You dont know me, so I get why you think something like: "Pff, just another troll, wait until he has played episode 5, than he´s one of the first who ask for another season...", so dont worry, no offense taken.

    You have to understand, I registert here as a costumer who wants to know what is going on, yes, I want to complain.

    It´s like you went in a store to buy a game, so as soon as the guy behind the counter has your money, he runs away and takes the game with him. At first you ask yourself what just happened. Didnt you understood the deal? You thought the agreement was that you pay and then can take your game home. So you wait. Eventually, you go back to the store, but now its closed. So you start yelling and yelling. Lets say after a month, there are many people standing in front of that store, yelling as well.
    Then suddenly, some employee comes out, gives you your game and runs away again. You finally have your game, but you were still standing in front of that store for over a month, yelling.
    And then its not over, some other guy runs by you, apparently working for that store since he has some similar uniform, you say that you wont buy a game this way from this store again and he only marks you.
    Maybe he was just the janitor, but that doesnt matter to you and how should you even know that right?

    Maybe after reading this, you understand my point of view ;)
  • The ridiculus thing is how reps from TTG are saying that they are understanding our frustration. Obviously not, since none of them have addressed their lack of communication, which from reading the forums is one major part of he EU community's frustration.

    While I'm glad we finally got Ep. 2, I still haven't decided to play it yet. I think I rather wait until I have all the episodes so that I can play them as a whole instead of having to wait for a uncertain time between each and loosing track of what's happening.
  • When the fuck is the episode coming out??! PS3 EU is last yet again!!!!!
  • Th3Butcher;661136 said:
    When the fuck is the episode coming out??! PS3 EU is last yet again!!!!!
    Next week!!!!
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Old thread, too much confusion. Please use this one instead.
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