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Lighting the Fuse

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So when the massive swarm was coming towards the train, I assumed there would be a point to throwing the blowtorch into the fuel puddle. I thought it would ignite the tanker and blow the entire swarm straight to hell.

But instead....nothing happened. Whether you lit the fire or not, the swarm just passes through without incident.

Kinda wasted an opportunity for an epic moment there Telltale..
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  • I saw a few zombies walk STRAIGHT on the FIRE! wtf is up with that?
  • I expected a huge explosion =/
  • I didn't even know you could do that. I noticed the gas but never saw a way to light it.
  • I missed it the first time. But as the train was pulling away into the distance it suddenly occured to me there was still the blowtorch on the bridge. And a big puddle of gas. So I immediately reloaded, expecting a big awesome explosion for my reward.

    Quite a let down really. Doesnt ruin the episode or anything, but yeah, an epic moment that never was.
  • i think the smoke signal it gave off will come into play in episode 4?
  • How so? The fire is still quite a long way away from where the train ends up in Savannah. Even if other swarms of zombies arrive on the scene later, drawn by the smoke, it doesnt mean they would end up heading along the train tracks.

    But that swarm that passed until the bridge will stop be trailing in our wake. I wonder if we'll see them catch up to us again at some point.
  • Yeah, that was disappointing. I expected, well... something! :confused:
  • greenj2;663264 said:
    Yeah, that was disappointing. I expected, well... something! :confused:
    this :rolleyes:
  • Yeah, I was a little disappointed, too. Just like when you have Carley, and open up about your past to the group (Doug doesn't have this option), it doesn't really do much except defuse Lily when she slings mud around about your past outside the RV. The scene with the tanker specifically showed the fuel leaking, like the scene was alerting us it was there for some "reason." As stated... nothing.

    The Carley option and the fuel option make it feel like certain things were omitted from the game at the last second, or something. :/

    I don't know about TWD having Mass Effect 3 syndrome, but it's starting to have Final Fantasy VII syndrome, from the looks of it. >_>
  • I was a bit disappointed also. I expected an explosion or something like that.
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