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Your Most Memorable Moment (So Far)

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What is the most memorable moment for you so far?

:spoil-o:For me, it came in ep 3: [Spoiler]Carley's death[/Spoiler]. My mouth dropped when it happened. It was such a jarring moment. It changed Lee, me, down to the core. I'm not the same player I was when I started sp 3.:spoil-o:
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  • The meat locker, Carley dying and Katjaa's suicide. Carley dying shocked me the most though, so it's more memorable.
  • Meat Locker for sure. That stuff was insane on my brain! XD Felt kinda guilty for siding with Kenny.
  • The Meat Locker definitely threw me for a loop, since I decided to assist Lily. As I was doing the chest pumps and the counting, I got, "One... Two... Three... *Kenny out of nowhere with the salt lick and a HUGE splat* *Long pause, chest pump* ....Four!" That kind of made me go :confused:

    I did get a chuckle out of that whole situation, though. :D I think, up until now, the whole "I'm glad we have each other" bit shared by Clem and Lee kind of burned into the back of my mind as a "D'awwwww!" that I won't forget anytime soon. :o
  • The meat locker, Doug's death and pushing Omid

    for me, pushing omid seemed like the right idea, he was frightened and I didnt want to leave him behind.

    I hope I haven't jaded him
  • the clem walker dream is gonna freak me out for a bit, i kinda figured she turn in a dream at some point and i posted it a while back so maybe thats how/why ttg did it ;)

    but duck and katjaa dayum...
  • My favourite moment so far has been the St. John's dairy where I killed the guy in the barn (its been a while I forget his name lol) and then the fight I had with the other one (Andy?) which ended up with me punching him in the face repeatedly like Shane and Ed in the TV series and then kicking him into the electric fence. Whenever I think back to that I think of me standing over his fried body in the pouring rain and the rest of the group stood over the other side in silence
  • Best:
    1. Small moments and comments with Clem, such as in the barn in episode 2:
    "Did you lick it" (referring to the salt-lick)
    2. Leaving Lilly
    3. Smashing Larry's face

    1. Death of Carley/Doug Episode 3
    2. Death of Mack (Despite his weak introduction I hoped for him to be a lasting character)
  • Carley's death, for one, and then pretty much everything from when you confront kenny about stopping the train (I managed to talk him down) to Katjaa commiting suicide and taking care of Duck (I shot him). Kenny explaining himself, feeling guilty about the farm and all was pretty shocking because I figured he had pretty much forgotten about it like I had. Then when he and Kat were talking about Duck after the train stopped but before going to the clearing just tugged every one of my heart strings. My eyes watered up so much after Kat did what she did, that I could barely see the crosshairs over Duck's head.
  • Mine would be Kenny bursting into tears over Kat. :(

    Though Lee waking away from Andy in the rain after beating the hell out of him is a close second.
  • Mine is when Carley confessed to Lee that she had feelings for her...and the kiss? didn't see that one coming...haha
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