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Episode 3 question for the Dougies [spoiler]

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Carley reccomends you confessing your past. So how do you confess if your with Doug?
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  • You don't. Lily outs it to everyone, or she did in mine, after you tell her she's not coming with you after she kills Doug.
  • Well that sucks
  • CapnJay;661885 said:
    Well that sucks
    It's not really a big deal though. Close to 0 impact on the game.
  • Aye. I was surprised at how quickly it became a non event, I guess if the group was a bit bigger at that point it might have been more of a big deal.

    The only downside, if you do get to confess with Carley (I've only got one playthrough so far) is that Clem was disappointed you didn't tell her. I'm sure I remember mentioning something about killing someone though to her during the first episode.
  • After Doug (who was downright heroic in this episode) leaps out to save Ben from Lilly, he's shot in the back of the head. Lilly then takes it upon herself to rat you out to the group. No one really cares after that.
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