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  • I expected them to die, but not yet, I was expecting in the final two episodes, although as soon as Carly gave Lee a kiss, I should have realised that this is The Walking Dead.. nothing good ever happens :p
  • I was devastated, I left Lily to die for it.
  • devistated by carleys death, though i figured they would do it eventualy to make the story easy to write but i was hopeing they wouldnt cop out. but man it was awfull and so much wasted potential between the 2 of them. honestly i dont like anyone im traveling with now (excluding clem of coarse) i would rather leave them, they are all just ticking time bombs and i dont want to be close the next time one goes off.
  • I felt it was too early for them to die. Maybe in parts 4 or 5, but not now. Overall I think we lost too many people in this episode.
  • I thought they would die in EP2. So EP3 is not too bad. It's obviously a costfactor. Making them die saves a lot of money, don't need to make seperate cutscenes/dialogue etc. Taking away the players impact on decisions will make you spend less cash.

    Sad but true story, (bro)
  • should have had everyone who chose douge die in this episode so the game goes different and carly people can contienue. money and diversity problem solved
  • "Oh shit, this episode is going to be dark..."
  • I was doing a let's play of this, my reaction is at 25.22.....I hate her http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Z6g75gGYtg
  • I was in shock more than anything. Not wanting to accept what had happened, while also being perplexed at what to do next.

    Up to that point I'd been on very good terms with Lilly and Carley. In that single moment one was dead and the other was as good as dead to me. Worse even.

    My gut instantly told me to leave Lilly for dead, but I still took as long as I could to think it through. Looking back, my only small regret was that I didn't kneecap her before driving away.

    Flopping down on the RV couch next to Clem afterwards, I felt a genuine sense of loss/loneliness/despair I don't think I've ever felt in a videogame before, so kudos, TTG.

    I miss Carley, she and Clem were the only good things to happen to Lee since the world went to shit. :( I take some minor solace in knowing that her death was painless and without fear. It's a rare luxury not many in a dead world are afforded.
  • Okay, I'm gonna say it, I haven't played the game yet. I've been watching one of my favorite LP'ers playing through the episodes on YouTube and been enjoying his reactions, and I have rarely heard stunned silence out of him, but this f***ing moment did it to him, his wife that was watching him play, and me. I totally sympathized with his decision to leave Lilly behind. No matter what she thinks Carley may have done, it wasn't worth killing over. **** you Lilly. I wonder if I can kill her off early when I start to play through this game. I wonder how many people would still bring Lilly along after that.
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