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[SPOILER] In the forest with Duck:

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Why do you guys think Katja shot herself? I personally think she wasn't happy with what her husband had turned into. Kenny's personality shifted from being pretty nice in Episode 1 to "I'll do whatever is necessary, good or bad, to protect my family" in Episode 2 and 3. (Kind of ironic how that never helped him in the end.) I think she was emotionally exhausted and Duck was the only "normal" thing she had left in the world.

Side note:

When Kenny and Katja are going to go say goodbye to Duck and Kat kills herself, how did she get the gun?

I repeated several times, "I'll do it guys. No parent should have to live through that." They then walk away to say goodbye to Duck, and then you follow them to find out that Katja shot herself.

What's weird is Kenny says "She couldn't do it!" or something like that, as if the game thought I said that she should shoot him. AFAIK Katja never had a gun before. (She's supposedly "against them" and would have used one by now if she had one, I'd think.)

So either she hid one somewhere or, for whatever reason, she asked Kenny for one.
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  • If you don't say anything when you first approach, Kenny says something along the lines of "you said you could do it". Katjaa originally said at the train that it should be a parent, she told Kenny she could do it and shot herself when Kenny gave her the gun. As for why, obviously because she just held her son for the majority of the day while he died.
  • She also said that she loves Duck more than life itself. Which is a pretty normal line in well, normal context, but in that situation I really thought that she will not come back.

    Katjaa also did not seem like she was used to the situation...I mean she probably just looked over the kids, nursed the sick and...well I do not think that she went out on supply hunts. I mean she really does not want to use a gun, probably never even trained to. And then everything fell apart, starting with the farm, than the motor inn and finally her son. I can understand her.

    And yeah...she appear broken when you tell her the truth about what happened to Larry. Maybe she wanted to die with her humanity left...and not being forced to do stuff like Kenny to survive.

    We'll never know.
  • If Clem died, and people had the chance to off themselves, I bet a lot would. That's why Katjaa killed herself.
  • She was looking down the barrel and it went off. Poor gun safety education.
  • I think she did it because she couldn't bear the thought living without her son. After all, she loved him more then life itself :(
  • My Lee would let himself be eaten/bitten by Clementine. If she turned so if she had to be permakilled then he'd suicide.
  • It's pretty interesting that she's against guns, then shoots herself.
  • Why do you think most people would commit suicide in the zombie apocalypse? She's seen tons of people die, she sees a side of her husband she never wanted to see, and her son was turning into a zombie. She just couldn't take it and committed suicide.

    Kenny commented "you said were ready" in the sense of being ready to put down their son down to prevent him from becoming a zombie. She just couldn't do it.

    I was pretty upset about it.
  • Who said she killed herself? Think about that one for a min...
  • Red Panda;662202 said:
    If Clem died, and people had the chance to off themselves, I bet a lot would.
    That could very well be the last scene of this game.
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