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[SPOILERS] CARLEY [Ep 3 discussion]

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Hey i am really annoyed about carley being shot when it happend i didnt even want to carry on playing anyway maybe they could bring carly back she could have just been grazed by the bullet.No one even checked to she if she was dead the group could meet up with her again.I wont be buying anymore episodes unless carly comes back my friends also said the same.

Please say in the comments that you want carly back and make a thread about this and then maybe telltale games will see that we want carly back.
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  • Master of Aeons;662267 said:
    Telltale killed Carley ---> Telltale only cares about money.
    The definition of non-sequitor means "does not follow". This definition's application to your post does however flow logically. What the hell are you talking about?

    Bad decision, poor writing, cheap trick, clumsily handled or disservice to a beloved character are all descriptive options I can understand. Saying it proves they only care about money is just nonsense.

    Uninstall it if the scene soured your experience. But don't bring that wacky line of reasoning around here. We got our hands full already.
    Eh making it cheaper and easier to write by cutting out having to continue the Doug/Carley differences. It makes sense, it's just a large leap.
  • Well...someone had to die. Actually killing the person YOU saved, and which later saves YOU at the Dairy farm is simply to drive home the fact that noone is save and you can not save can only delay it.

    Yes, in Metagaming sense I was certain that Doug/Carley are going to die either now, or early in Episode 4. But I thought they die...deserving. Well Doug saved Ben, so he kinda died heroic? But there are no Heroic Sacrifices. There is only death.
  • They killed Doug/Carley because it made everything easier in the subsequent episodes. Feels like a copout.
  • Dyslexsick;660669 said:
    Carley died. Lilly lived. I quit this game.
    Clearly his Tread is filled with none fans of the walking dead or they'd have accepted this fact of the verse. Nothing is forbidden, everyone can die. And die like a chump or go with a bang to be remembered. Pitching a bitch fit about carly or doug taking it in the face is stupid because other things, worse things are down the lane. Hell, look at the comics. Rick lose's his hand, his wife and his maybe daugther then the hell that is turning into carl's life. Afterwards he leads a wife and child INTO a horde and watchs them get mauled. The world is over, zombies roam the land and the most dangerous person is the one sitting beside you on the RV. This episode should drive this home. Though i'll say this. Lily really hated carly, just by the fact it was a right up face shot, no debate. With doug she looked and him and turns to shoot dan, while doug grows a pair finally and moves to save him.
  • Riffan;662294 said:
    while doug grows a pair finally and moves to save him.
    While he wants no part of the inner politics of the group...he did saved Carleys life before, he did save your life(most likely) with the laser pointer to Andy St. Johns eye and then he saved the life of Ben.

    He might was no fighter and everything. But he in the end, he saved quite a lot people in a zombie outbreak.
  • Jenizus;660611 said:
    Man I am so close to just giving up the game, because i liked the Carley character from the first second I met her in the first ep. It's like I cant put down the controller on this because I need to see what the ending is and it's an awesome game, but, on the other hand loosing Carley is a very very bad way to play out the game, as Carley is a very likable character and is very important to the story. All most as important as Clem.

    On a side note I wish i had just saved Doug, then i wouldn't have been to upset about this...
    And to me, this is the perfect post..

    Applaudes TT for making a game where the players, the people, develop real feelings for these characters and are truely saddened at the loss of them.

    I think it's great that all these people come here after playing the latest episode and need to vent over seriously disturbing scenes, wishing for a different outcome. That just shows the depth of the story and how well written it was to make us either love or hate a character.

    How many have said in the past they hated Duck, annoying lil brat.. then at the end of this Episode are saddened at his fate.

    Sure we can all think back and ponder what we may have changed or decide differently the next time we play it, but when ya sit down for the first time and go through the expirence, that's what it's all about!
  • Well there goes our romance/intellectual guy
  • I thought Carley's death was the most "Walking Dead" feeling moment of the game thus far. There are too many franchises where there's no honest tension because you know, no matter what happens, these same characters will survive to continue the adventure in the next installment (unless you're Sliding with Professor Arturo). No one is safe. You can fall in love with a character and they can be taken from you in a second, for no reason. No big, epic sacrifice. I'd rather see Carley taken out by a falling tree in a rainstorm than seeing her give some long speech about her love for Lee and then sacrificing herself to the walkers so that Lee and Clem can escape a burning building or some shit. Death happens in this world. No build up to signal it. No last moment of redemption. Just a pop in the face during a road side scuffle.
  • People are really taking this hard. I know people loved Carley but nothing is keeping me from playing the last two episodes.
  • This episode was crazy!. Totally ***** me up. Really though choices, but I didn't expect any less.
    I shot the poor girl at the beginning. It's stupid I know, but there is the difference for me. If I let her suffer then I wouldn't be any different than that fu**** Kenny. He brought this on us! All of it! He killed Larry without even hesitating and totally wrecked Lily. I like Lily, she's my favourite cause she's a survivor. However, she is a total mess now and I guess until she does what she does in the comic book she will be somewhere in middle between bad and really bad. Even after that she'll be a woman with lots of regrets. Still my favourite, I like that kind of characters. Plus I find her most attractive of all the females in the game so far.
    Carley... I was really shocked and disappointed to see her die but despite being a good shot, she wasn't really doing anything. She should've stood by me and Lily and not try to be the balance. There can be no balance, so trying to maintain is just fear, the fear of taking responsibility and making choices. Because in episode 3 it's still Lily the one taking care of most things, Carley is pretty useless. In the end instead of sticking with us she started protecting that little brat Ben... I'm so ditching him along with Kenny.
    And Kenny it's awful to say it but... he fucking deserved it, after all he did to me and the group in episode 2. So we saw he wasn't "He's gonna turn let's drop a salt-lick on this person's head, when his child was at stake. I used to despise Duck cause he was annoying brat as well and always putting us in danger. But him allowing me to be Batman while he was Robin... I FORGAVE HIM. How could I not?! He were Batman and Robin in a zombie apocalypse world. This was just too fu***** AWESOME. It was sad to see him die and seeing Katja holding him like that... I knew she was gonna lose it and die. I was 100% sure. Kenny is was a self-absorbed asshole and he still is. I would gladly off him and take the boat. I'm so happy that he got what he deserved... I guess he can understand now what it felt for Lily when he just offed her dad. Karma's a bitch.
    The newcomers... not much to discuss here. Managed to save them both on the train and that Chuck seems a smart guy. Will see how this turns out but I'm not really in for that new girl.
    The last thing I need to mention is that I was really, really disappointed with Clem talking to somebody the whole time, giving him information and not telling me. I mean it felt as if Miranda Tate stabbed me through my Bat armor. If she doesn't grow up fast I'm not gonna be so nice with her. She needs a lesson!
    P.S Had Carley been more supportive of me and Lily, we three plus Clem could've run together! My Lee with 2 women and a kid. Wouldn't have been that bad!

    Lily > Carley for me :D
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