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Do you get to see ***** as a walker?

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When you choose to kill duck for kenny if you wait to long does attack you?
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  • Telltale isn't going to "get in trouble" for this. You're right that it will upset people, especially because there is no way to play through and not see him killed. The game doesn't MAKE you kill him, though. It doesn't show it. I'm sure that if there wasn't an option to let Ken take care of his kid it would be more like "TT forced us to kill a kid in the game, wtf" but I really wanted to spare Kenny from having to do that to his son.

    Also, unless you've played every game that's come out in the last 10 years, you shouldn't make make stuff up like "there's no children killing in videogames." I can think of a few, despite the obvious example of bioshock.

    Here's a list I found, and it's actually pretty long:

    Some are stupid, like the sims. Others, even though I haven't played them, are probably on that list for a reason.
    Christoaster;661488 said:
    You can tell him 'goodnight' in the game? Da fuck? This guy is asking if anyone has waiting long enough for anything special to happen.
    No lol, that's just what I said when I was playing. I just meant it was fucked up that he had to see his mom blow her brains out right before being put down too. Jesus, Telltale lol.
  • ^ Ehhh? How the heck does that happen?

    I held fire for a couple of minutes. He definetely seems to stop breathing, but he shows no sign of turning.
  • 81% of people chose to shoot
  • Then you look at Skyrim, with the InvinciChildrens!
  • Telltale shouldn't get in trouble, just because of the license. Keep in mind that the very first scene of The Walking Dead television show had Rick graphically shooting a little girl in the head (and not for the last time).
  • Motordead;662386 said:
    When you go up to Kenny in the control car to tell him to stop the train, when you get to the following dialogue:

    Stop. The. Train.
    You're in denial!
    This isn't about Duck.

    Choose the ... option. Kenny will speed up the train, the same option will appear again, choose ... again. He will push you out of the car and lock the door. Lee will walk back to the box to find it covered in blood and bits of flesh.. and Clems hat on the ground. Than Duck will walk towards you as a walker. In shock Lees mouth is gaped open, Duck comes to him and Lee falls out of the Box car. The "You are dead" screen pops up.
    Is that legit?
  • HellRaizer;662468 said:
    Is that legit?
    Yep. It's legit.
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