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[SPOILERS] CARLEY [Ep 3 discussion]

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Hey i am really annoyed about carley being shot when it happend i didnt even want to carry on playing anyway maybe they could bring carly back she could have just been grazed by the bullet.No one even checked to she if she was dead the group could meet up with her again.I wont be buying anymore episodes unless carly comes back my friends also said the same.

Please say in the comments that you want carly back and make a thread about this and then maybe telltale games will see that we want carly back.
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  • They wanted a "nobody's safe" feel.

    But we all know they just didn't want to write two different stories for Doug and Carley since it meant more work, and they're already having schedule problem :/ ...

    Totally unjustified. Especially when Ben survives.
  • The worst part about Carley's death was the whole exchange in the beginning of the game. Like some dick at Telltale was like, "Hey, let's make a really nice scene in the beginning with Carley and Lee to make everyone like her even more, then we kill her."

    Telltale is making the same mistake the show is by killing off all the good characters. I liked Doug but he died because apparently I couldn't just toss Carley her ammo and then grab him real quick, I liked Mark but he was eaten by crazy rednecks, I liked Carley but she gets shot by that dumb bitch Lily, and just to add insult to injury the last character I kinda had a soft spot for (other than Clem) was Kat. And she goes and offs herself. Now I'm stuck with Ben, who I will murder the first chance I get, Kenny, who's now depressed as fuck, some hobo, some new guy who broke his leg falling off a train and Christa, who is more of a bitch than Lily.
  • No seriously, I think you should be able to prevent this kind of death with your choices...

    It doesn't help to know that they killed her off just so they would have less work to do for the writing :/ ...
  • Strayth;662379 said:
    No seriously, I think you should be able to prevent this kind of death with your choices...

    It doesn't help to know that they killed her off just so they would have less work to do for the writing :/ ...
    How is that so? We've got new characters so isnt it the same amount of work?
  • Them's the breaks folks, people are going to die in terrible, horrible ways for no good reason in the ZA, and TWD is trying to emulate that. You can't trust anyone really, not even the people in your group. I sure as hell didn't see Carley going out like that, but it was entirely possible. Lilly seems to have always hated Carley, if you pay attention in Episode 1 at the drug store. Look at it this way, Carley died quickly and painlessly. That is pretty much the best we can hope for. She won't become a walker now. She won't be disemboweled by a rotting corpse. In short, Carley/Doug has been the luckiest person so far in the game.

    As for our choices, well, I think those are more for us to judge ourselves on. Like with that girl in the first chapter, how many of us shot her to put her out of her misery? More people than that left her to be eaten. Are we stone cold survivalists who only care about seeing another day, or do we try to hold on to what's left of our humanity even if it ends up doing us in? And exactly how much can we go through before we break?
  • It's good people are mad about dear characters to them being killed. That's what I love about this game. It gives you choices, like you would have in life, but also mimics how life doesn't give a crap about you and your feelings and fate plays out how it plays. I think Telltale has struck just the right balance of control the player has over their destiny. One of my best friends in High School got into a car accident and died, I didn't like it. Life doesn't care sometimes.

    Keep it up Telltale, negative emotional responses at key events mean this game is doing it the right way, and making a memorable experience rather than a hollow one, like the bulk of on rails story games out there. You do what you can with what you have.
  • KCohere;662388 said:
    How is that so? We've got new characters so isnt it the same amount of work?
    Except that Doug and Carley can't coexist, so you'd have different scenarios to deal with for each character.
  • I was pretty pissed about this decision as well...What's the point of saving them in the begin and then they die off? Such a BS decision...
  • How is that so? We've got new characters so isnt it the same amount of work?
    Because now our choices are incidental. Everybody is starting episode 4 the same way, which is :

    Kenny is alone, Ben is an ass, Clem hid things, Lilly left, two new people are here, and the homeless guy.

    That's it. So much for having our choices changing anything, right ? Interaction with Doug and Carley ? Possible romance ? Fuck that, they wanted to save some time on the writing, and decided to scrap choices that matter.
  • YamiRaziel;662330 said:
    This episode was crazy!. Totally ***** me up. Really though choices, but I didn't expect any less.
    I shot the poor girl at the beginning. It's stupid I know, but there is the difference for me. If I let her suffer then I wouldn't be any different than that fu**** Kenny. He brought this on us! All of it! He killed Larry without even hesitating and totally wrecked Lily. I like Lily, she's my favourite cause she's a survivor. However, she is a total mess now and I guess until she does what she does in the comic book she will be somewhere in middle between bad and really bad. Even after that she'll be a woman with lots of regrets. Still my favourite, I like that kind of characters. Plus I find her most attractive of all the females in the game so far.
    Carley... I was really shocked and disappointed to see her die but despite being a good shot, she wasn't really doing anything. She should've stood by me and Lily and not try to be the balance. There can be no balance, so trying to maintain is just fear, the fear of taking responsibility and making choices. Because in episode 3 it's still Lily the one taking care of most things, Carley is pretty useless. In the end instead of sticking with us she started protecting that little brat Ben... I'm so ditching him along with Kenny.
    And Kenny it's awful to say it but... he fucking deserved it, after all he did to me and the group in episode 2. So we saw he wasn't "He's gonna turn let's drop a salt-lick on this person's head, when his child was at stake. I used to despise Duck cause he was annoying brat as well and always putting us in danger. But him allowing me to be Batman while he was Robin... I FORGAVE HIM. How could I not?! He were Batman and Robin in a zombie apocalypse world. This was just too fu***** AWESOME. It was sad to see him die and seeing Katja holding him like that... I knew she was gonna lose it and die. I was 100% sure. Kenny is was a self-absorbed asshole and he still is. I would gladly off him and take the boat. I'm so happy that he got what he deserved... I guess he can understand now what it felt for Lily when he just offed her dad. Karma's a bitch.
    The newcomers... not much to discuss here. Managed to save them both on the train and that Chuck seems a smart guy. Will see how this turns out but I'm not really in for that new girl.
    The last thing I need to mention is that I was really, really disappointed with Clem talking to somebody the whole time, giving him information and not telling me. I mean it felt as if Miranda Tate stabbed me through my Bat armor. If she doesn't grow up fast I'm not gonna be so nice with her. She needs a lesson!
    P.S Had Carley been more supportive of me and Lily, we three plus Clem could've run together! My Lee with 2 women and a kid. Wouldn't have been that bad!

    Lily > Carley for me :D
    I'm sorry you feel that way but no person deserves to lose their child. It's is absolutely the worst thing that could happen to someone.

    Also I'm surprised you like Lily more. Carley has been pretty much the most stabilizing element of the group and was the only one Lee could really confide in. I did respect Lily at one point, but after what she did I just could not look at her the same way.

    Well I liked Carley the most along with Lee and Clem and so it's a bit depressing. But that's the purpose of this game and I'll tip my hat to TTG for that.

    The point of this game is to feel sadness and despair and so I can't help but question the sanity and logic of myself and other people who play this game :confused:
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