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If they killed Clementine

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What would you reaction be?
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  • "Well, that's about par for the franchise."
  • I fully expect Lee to die and the controls pass over to Clem for one of the episodes.
  • Well, if it happens, it probably won't be until the very end. Maybe she and Lee will die together...?
  • No way man, Clem's going to make it no matter what if I have anything to say about it. Don't care if I have to hold off an entire herd with my fists, she'll make it out in one piece.
  • I have a feeling Lee will die, or it's a good possibility it'll be a choice, but I hope they don't pass the controls over to Clemmy. Remember the Dairy? I'd hate to run, an entire episode, like I've got a corncob up my ass. :/

    I can see an ending, though, with Clemmy kicking the bucket, however. It's really not that far fetched. It's one of those, "Lee lost everything, gained hope through Clem, and just ending up losing everything again" situations. Sounds like a legit TWD scenario to me. :P
  • Master of Aeons;662181 said:
    "Well, that's about par for the franchise."
    This. Seriously, once you've lived through the prison storyline, you don't expect any happiness at the end of a Walking Dead story.
  • Honestly, I don't see them killing her off or letting her make it through the apocolypse without a scratch. It'd just be too damn easy to just give us either. If she dies, people are gonna be pissed, if she lives, people are gonna see it as a weak ending. Carl has made through the entire franchise with only one eye so far.

    My prediction? Something totally bittersweet is gonna happen. Something to the point where she'll live and the players will be joyous about it, but at the same time, something horrible will happen to her that'll leave the player devastated. Something that'll leave her scarred...

    We all know that this is the Walking Dead and there's no happy ending to it... hell, Kirkman would have probably killed off Clem a long time ago had she have been in the comic since the beginning. But keep in mind, this is Telltale. And they know that killing her off or giving her a happy ending would just be too easy.

    Something just HAS to happen that's so unexpectedly left field. Something that's gonna jump up and slap us in the face. I think we all know them enough to the point where they can do better than that.
  • After Carley, I doubt I can take anything happening to Clem. If it does, this will be me.
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