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WD #3 - Glitch not letting me progress

posted by shwop on - last edited - Viewed by 258 users

I'm on the train and have just finished teaching Clem to shoot and talking to everyone, but the game will not let me progress.

As far as I can tell from watching a walkthrough, once you have the bottle of whiskey, you should be able to share a drink with Chuck and then Kenny to progress the story.

The problem is, I got the bottle of whiskey before almost anything else on the train (even before training Clem). For whatever reason, I have the bottle of whiskey, and cannot get the story to progress.

Edit: To be clear, I have exhausted every single conversation topic. The first time I talked to Chuck, he mentioned drinking and asked if I had anything to drink. My character automatically said "Nope" even though I DID have the bottle. Now, after finishing everything else, he won't mention drinking again. I say "Hey", he says "Yo" and then it cuts the conversation off.

What the hell do I do?
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